Girlfriends Birthday

We are moving into our new house on her Birthday (hopefully!)

So to celebrate that, I want your assistance to help lose our LoveHoney virginity ;)

Please help me out by making some suggestions on what you ladies love to use & what you guys have bought as gifts before?

Anythings help :)


I dont want to rain on your parade but the great thing about a new place for yourselves is you spend so much time getting things sorted that adventurous sex takes a back seat, with us it was more the exhausted but glad to be together at last lovemaking....let us know how you got on,

bondage!! restraints, blindfolds, a bullet vibrator, maybe even a butt plug? have a look at the strokers on here too!

have fun :P very jealous!


Shouldn't be a problem we already have all our stuff moved in, just got a last few small bits. I'm already paying for the place just not officially moved in yet :)

Oooh... How about a vibrating cock ring? "happy birthday honey I made myself into a vibrator for you!" having said that I just though of this


Bondage sounds like fun, good thing our new bed has metal headrest! Perfect for handcuffing ;)

Can you suggest any items? Or which are your favourites to use? Bondage is an unexplored area for us at the mo.

You could get one of those door sex swings, it is removable and fits very well with the decorating the house kind of thing

Do you have a link for on of those if possible?
I'm using my phone to post, connection isn't brilliant :/

Thanks for the suggestions though, all sound incredibly fun! enjoy!!!

My my my, just watched the instructional video after waiting forever for it to load :P

This looks perfect! You may have just found her birthday gift :) thank you :D or door restraints? rope to tie to the bed ball gag best cock ring ever XD handcuffs nipple pumps with rings to keep on them ooh and a little plug thats very nice and very easy to get in :)

That cock ring looks lovely too, I may have to start a wishlist ;)