Good lingerie styles for men to wear?

I posted in another thread that I thought the denim skirt/opaque tights look is a good look for men (in my mind, at any rate) and it got me wondering about choosing lingerie styles for men that would look most at home.

Personally, I tend not to buy florals unless they're very big and bold and I go for well shaped, possibly geometrically decorated bras, often half-cup style as they seem to sit well on a man's frame. Pant-wise I like a deeper brief than we normslly get nowadays as it helps to cover up the greater length of a man's body aginst a woman's. That said, low rise thongs often work well because the fabric is a bit wider at the front where it matters ...

Anybody got more thoughts on good styles/colours/patterns of lingerie for men - or, alternatively, ones you think just don't work on men? I don't think unlined lacy pants are very good - it's like having your balls on a cheese grater! That's a practical consideration, but aesthetic ones count as well.