Has my we-vibe tango got a fault?!

I have actually asked we-Vibe first off but there response was rather confusing so I wondered if anyone else has the same issue...
Basically after charging it, the next day it began flashing. I read the booklet which stated that it begins flashing when the battery is low however I have since charged it fully again until the light went out on the charger (because that's when it's fully charged) and after around 20mins of play it began to flash again - To me it seems as though the battery isn't keeping charge...except it doesn't seem to have drained it just keeps flashing.
We-vibe said it can begin to flash even if it's 80% charged - surely that can't be. I also have the touch and it doesn't do that 😞

How old is your Tango, Kinky? I have had this issue with two of mine, it seems to happen after about 6 month of daily use and charging, I guess it is the toys' way of telling us they can no longer charge fully.

It's brand new had it a week 🙈X

It probably is - I'd get in touch with customer service on Live Chat and they can sort it out :)

Certainly sounds faulty. Mine had a similar issue from day one; I would charge it up, turn it on, instantly turn it off again and it would start flashing. It would hold charge for a while so the battery clearly wasn't drained as it was pretending to be but it flashed that bloody orange light 24/7, no joke. Put me off getting a new one as read a lot of people having similar issues. I'd get yours replaced if you can!

I'm surprised We Vibe think it's ok that their products flash a 'battery low' light from 80% charge. That's not low. How ridiculous! Do they not realise how annoying that light is? XD