Me too it sounds very intresting..... BTW THANK YOU Lesley for calling me a martini girl :P love that must make a new nic now hahaha
I love this site for the open minds that post on here as well Kunilingus I do feel like I could post anything and not be judged only as a martini girl and there aint nowt wrong with that !!!!!
I do think Kunilingus that you are letting this fantasy get the better of you, maybe your making it bigger than it is, The thing is even if you did try it you may not even like it, I would supose haveing your manhood sucked off by another man is no different to having it sucked by a woman except the guys stubble may dig in ya cock a bit! so I sugest when your wife sucks you off next close your eyes and think of Ian :O see what I did Ian instead of England !! lol sorry in a daft mood.
P.S Lesley Love you too babe xxx if you have msn add me at