Help! Sex machines

I was very, very lucky and the lovely Ruth sent me this to test. I really like the idea of it, but in practice, I'm struggling a bit. I seem to be a bit small and the heights and shapes are wrong for me. I've tried various ways of sitting on it but nothing is comfy and I get sore. It's very effective if I turn it over and put it on top of me in a missionary style position though!

So, how would you recommend I use it?

I seem to have a problem that I get the angles wrong and the vibrator comes off the thruster in the machine because the thread/screw bit isn't really long enough.

Anyone have experience with these types of machine and can give some advice? All recommendations and ideas would be appreciated peeps. There's a video at stake here! Once I perfect my technique, I'll do a vid for the blog. I want to do a really good review as well, because at this type of money, you'd want to get your purchase right and I think novices like me need a bit of help.

So bring on all your ideas please!

Imelda x

Not the sort of thing you can hide under the

It does look like a stool (with a random hole in it...)

Just don't ask Mum (or even worse Dad) to take a pew,lol

Ooh Imelda, you lucky girl - I'm jealous! I have no experience at all with this kind of thing, but I'm assuming you've done the usual, lots of lube, etc?

Bugger - pressed post to quickly. And what about trying it without the vibe/movement , i.e as a static dildo to start with?

Looking at it, I also wonder if you could kneel over it, rather than straddle it - can't realy get an idea of the dimensions, so no idea if that would work.

Good luck hun, and sorry I can't help more!

oh wow this looks interesting, your so lucky to get this. shamefully ive not seen anything like this before so i wouldnt know where to start, but i will be very interested in reading your review hun

Hi Imelda, if you suffering from duck's disease is the problem here you need to either;

a. raise yourself up onto it, in more comfortable position.


b. lower the item relative to yourself.

To get the thrust potential right l would go with the option where you raise yourself up, not sure quite how, maybe on a three cushioned sofa remove the centre cushion and put the machine in the gap, and then kneel on the remaining cushions on either side- gerrit !!

All variations on that theme possible.

Good Luck.


Thanks guys, yeah I'm ust trying the up and down thrusting movement at the minute. TB you're right the sofa thing would work well but I can't remove my cushions grrrr. I will experiement some more and let you all know!

It's the angles that are wrong, things ust not alligning right. I'll get there!

What a problem to have eh Imelda!! wish it was one we all had ha ha!!! Good luck- what happens if you get cramp with you on it and it set to fast!!!..take the battery out of your smoke alarm eh !!!


Well I've successfully used it in missionary and doggie but can't get the girl on top thing to work. Hmmm some more testing required I think

What hilarity, sounds like you are going to put it through rigorous and thorough testing!

I feel we should send you a cowgirl hat and lassoo to gee you up when the going gets tough ;-)

I take my hat off to you Mel!


And developing the same theme, cowboy like, could get the horn as well oops!!!


sounds like too much hard work!

Just get a man in!

Oh... well I can't tell from the photo's but if I had one too I'm sure I'd be able to figure out a way for you heh heh

Wow it looks like great fun!! Hmm it does like to will thrust you quite hard. Let us know how you get on again, sounds like you have tried it most ways. Id agree that on a couch would be good because you can always get at the right angle that way.

wow what a thing to get in the post to test. you have been a good girl lol, so fess up what did you do to Ruth hehe.

no help with machines though honey I only have a human one lol. let us know how you get on with it again. xx

have try this yet it mite help he he

He he nice try Studley!

This is how I want to use it but the heights and angles are wrong for me

I prop mine up on pillows and can do doggie like this

I really want to give it a great review but there are a few niggles which prevent me doing it. It's so near yet so far. I want to find solutions to the niggles. Hence the ongoing testing!!

PB it's not as hard a thrust as you might expect. It's a pretty good balance between thrusting hard enough and not too much. Trouble is, the wrong angles means the dildo becomes detached as the thread which is screws onto is not long enough to keep it secrurely. Hmmm back to the testing, it's a hard life *sigh*