Hi all!

Need help please. I've seen an AMAZING position while watching porn. But I can't find anything on what it's called or how to do it. If you imagine the woman on her back, legs apart, but he was on top in reverse aiming his cock downwards. So imagine going thru into the arse from the vagina. It looked amazing and it resulted in a huge squirt. Not sure if I'm allowed to post a link up to show the clip.

Any help appreciated!

Reverse piledriver.. Try Google and see if that's why u mean :)

Found something similar to this on a list of karmasutra positions but the woman had her legs closed not open and the man was on top but facing her feet and made small circular movements with his hips. I think it was called The Propeller.

it was like this but her on the bottom. it looked frickin amazing!

i no its porn and unrealistic....... but wow

i looked at the RPD but that wasnt it! Thanks though. propeller was closer :D

i dont no if im allowed to post a link, but here it is!

from 21 mins 45.

and she squirted later on, not from this position!

Then scroll down to Acrobatic sex positions 8
It doesn't give it a name but looks a bit like the crazyupsquat one you mentioned.

BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your help! it looks fun!


hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!