Helping with PE

Hi everyone I’m looking for any advice anyone has on PE(premature ejaculation). I’ve been suffering with PE for a few years now and have finally decided it’s time to do something about it and face it head on as it’s been quite a big insecurity. I’m lucky enough to have a partner that is very understanding and patient. The problem is I feel my penis is too sensitive and leads to me feeling like climaxing very shortly after entering my partner. The thing is I can hold my climax and we stop for a second and go again until needing to stop again. I know from reading forums so other man can’t hold it and it’s uncontrollable. I’ve purchased some spray from LH and some EMLA cream online and have yet to try these so will see how they goes! Just wondering if anyone has or has had this same problem and what they have done. Any help and advice will be really appreciated and hope to hear from people! Thanks Dan

It's something that comes up quite a lot on here so worth a quick search for. There are various delay creams that have mixed results, not really worked for me apart from a product they no longer sell that contained a local anasthetic and really numbed me. Penis sleeves have been better for us - I suffer more when not having regular sex as the excitement levels when you do get to indulge seem to be too much. If we are in a period where we are regularly having sex it becomes much less of an issue.

Have fun trying things!