Honeymoon help?!

So we're getting married on a budget July next year so we can splash out a bit more on an amazing honeymoon :)

Ideally I'd like some kind of overwater bungalow hut on stilts type thing but it's not essential. After much googling I'm still no closer to choosing somewhere, there is just too much choice!!
I also love the idea of the caribean etc but I'm put off by the thought of lots of rich loud Americans everywhere :/

Has anyone been anwhere they can recommend?


Guadeloupe - French island, no Americans, practically no Brits. No overwater bungalows, but a lovely place. It's where Death in Paradise is filmed (They use Isle des Saintes just offshore as well). In my experience, you don't get overwater bungalows in the Caribbean (probably because of hurricanes).

Maldives - plenty of islands to choose from. Each isand has different mix of people. Lots of choice in overwater bungalows. Completely set up for honeymoons or scuba diving. There is nothing else to do.

I'd look into the weather. July is monsoon season in the Maldives and hurricane season in the Caribbean. Your going to have trouble finding tropical places in the Northern hemisphere that don't have the risk of rain in the Summer. Doesn't mean it will rain, but there's an increased risk.

I'd look into Southern hemisphere - Seychelles, Indonesia, Great Barrier Reef for better weather