Morning all... Well we have decided to bash the credit card and head to the Maldives in the winter ...any advice on islands to look at ..
Ideally we are looking for all inclusive, with a pool 3 or more restaurants so there is a choice, good water activities you can do such as snorkelling water skiing etc and a gym and spa ... We don't want much do we.
We are trying to find one where you can get as much as possible on the all Inclusive.. Many of the islands are showing as all inclusive but you are limited to one restaurant etc
Cheers all

Sound awesome! Can't help with your requests but have a great time!

Ive stayed at kurudu and hudhuranfushi. Loved them both. There is such a range of islands that I guess the biggest limiting factor is budget. The water tends to be clearest for diving/snorkeling Dec-Feb but this is the most expensive time for that same reason. Where ever you chose I'm sure you will enjoy as it is most definitely paradise.

ive stayed at Kuredu and loved it, i wouldnt worry about pools, you are on an island in the indian ocean so you have that lovely white sands and crystal blue water around you. If you do go to Maldives make sure you choose an island that makes you go by sea plane so you see the views as these are breathtaking, so dont choose a close island else you just go by boat and you will miss it. We have just booked to go to Mauritius next year so am hoping this is similar ish to maldives

Thanks for all the feedback will be looking on line this evening

We stayed at the Full Moon resort, was paradise :)

Fantastic the Maldives in winter will be a great place to holiday 😃 sorry I can't help with recommendations as I've never been there. I'm sure you'll have an awesome time whereever you stay 💟xx