How did you find out and learn about sex toys? Do you wish you had brought them sooner?

I first saw a sex toy for real when curiosity drew me through the chain curtains of an old fashioned dingy sex shop in Soho, after a couple of pints, on my way home. Behind the curtain was a stairway down to a dimly lit basement emporium.
Nervously, I looked around without much understanding of what I was looking at, and from what I remember, barely a word exchanged with the shopkeeper. I bought a penis pump, without really having any awareness of what to expect. I’d just heard that girth was important! :roll_eyes:
It was kinda interesting to try it, but I quickly worked out it wasn‘t for me.
A few years on, after a couple of disappointing visits to the high street, my then girlfriend and I found Lovehoney online and haven‘t looked back.
It filled in where SexEd at school failed us. There was tons of info, and a huge menu to choose from.
I‘m sure the dingy sex shop guy was lovely. I just found it waaay less awkward and much easier to browse from home, safely tucked in bed with my now wife. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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ive tried a couple of penis pumps in the past and they weren’t for me either. I dont think I had the patience to keep at it for months, plus I have hair down there so it wouldn’t stay on. I couldn’t be bothered to keep myself smooth lol

I forgot to mention how seedy sex shops were in the late 70s . They were always in a rougher part of town , dimly lit . Porno theaters were also about as disgusting as you could imagine , normal theaters would never play any X rated movies . Today sex shops are in nice areas and who needs a theater when you can watch all the porn you want at home or on the go with your smart phone . And with sites like love honey , ordering and learning are so damn easy .