How many times in 24 hours do you think of sex?

Mine got so silly I have to record it by the hour. It averages out at 5 times an hour.

I've noticed a massive increase recently but I don't exactly record it

Recently it has increased! I don't know why but I think about sex non-stop at the minute, I've never recorded it but it feels like 10 times an hour if I had to put a number on it

Every minute of every single day.....or thats what it feels like ;) lol x

Me too ! I seem to be constantly thinking about sex lately x

Easier to count the times I don't think of sex 😂

Some days it's all I can think about literally hour on end and on others it never crosses my mind.

Thought so that's why were all here and such big customers

Think about it all of the time even wake in the night thinking about it.

I think about it more than I like to admit !

Never really thought about it, but it's a lot!! Probably more than is healthy 😆

added up...probably for about 20 hours of the day (even when dreaming); unless i'm at work (I've got a really high sex drive).

Love the honesty.

Penny26 you made mesmildy x

Too many.

Ironically I think it I got it more often I'd be far less obsessed with it.

A lot! To often, especially at work.

It would be a smaller number that I don't think about it then do think about sex.

All to often

I think about sex all the time at the moment - I don't know why!?

Hmm, wondering if hormones make you think of sex or wether thinking of sex make you release more hormones.

Opinions please. I think it's hormones first myself. Testosterone has a lot to answer for lol.

People actually make it through the day without thinking about it? Cant imagin what thats like! Lol its hardwired into my brain!