How to control myself during edging? :-)

I have a fairly unique problem haha. I am hoping the LH community can help...

My OH loves to be edged, especially if he is tied up. I love doing this too him but my willpower is so bad I normally only last about 15 mins before I break and start riding him or demand an orgasm.

He can get a little crestfallen haha ;-)

Any tips to maintain the role?

Sorry I have same issue as you, but hopefully someone will be able to advise you ! :)

The only thing I can do that allows me to carry on edging him is to masturbate myslf to orgasm, not nearly as good as him doing it though and it only takes the edge off me - I still want more ;)

I have the opposite problem, I love edging but my partner never lets me! If I push his head away during oral he starts going down on me a second later and making me orgasm, when I'd rather edge for as long as possible then have him enter me and let it go then.

Terris suggestion is good - if you can relieve yourself beforehand or at the same time it might help take some of the pressure off :)

What about riding a dildo why edging him? Or learn to edge your self I know sometimes it hard, im like boogaloo I try to make him wait ...