How to take charge?

I've always been one for letting the guy take charge, been tied up etc but I've never been that confident in being the one in driving seat. Ive just started seeing someone and he says he's not been that adventurous in the past.
I'd like to change that for him.
I've had a little scenario going round my head and I've ordered some 'props' but I don't know if I'll have the guts to play it out without becoming giddy and laughing nervuously.
Any tips?

Providing he is ok with it, a blindfold can be a great tool for you. If he is blindfolded, he won't be able to see if you are panicking or not sure what to do next.

When you have him at your mercy, keep it simple. Don't try too much at once. Just try one or two new things. Take your time and let him saviour the anticipation (even if it is just you thinking what you should do next)

Don't forget the importance of your touch. Touch to tease, to caress, to calm and to keep a connection between you.

I have purchased a blindfold and I don't think that should be a problem, he says he is quite open to trying new things. I don't like to ask (unless wine makes me bit more confident) for what I like so hoping this too will mean I can show him by leading him without seeming like he's been doing it 'wrong' in a way I won't feel slightly awkward and exposed if he could see me.
Thank you 😊

Welcome to the forums.

There has been a few of these type of threads today and main theme of the responses is make sure he is comfortable with the idea.

As Kelly said a blindfold is a great idea, maybe start with a massage whilst blindfolded and then go from there. This will help him to relax and highten his senses to your touch. If he wiggles about from it being ticklish then pull out the cuffs (with his permission of course).

Best of luck with it.