Advice please

Hi guys, not been active lately due to new job etc etc.

However my bedroom confidence is lacking, I've been with said sexuL partner for nearly a year, plenty of ups and down, my first ever orgasm so I'm not complaining but he brought up the fact he would find a turn on if I took control for once and I really don't know where to start, I feel nervous and awkward that I don't know what I'm doing or what I should be doing!

any help and tips would really be appreciated!

thanks in advance



I kind of know how you feel my partner is always the one in control and I feel "lost" when he asks me to take control of things.

I always start with doing things my partner enjoys e.g. wearing something nice then slowing moving on to the things I know he enjoys.

It's hard to be in control when your not used to doing it but maybe ask for guidance from your partner as your going along then the next time you will be more confidant in what your doing.

Well speaking as the male of the species I like my OH to take the lead and control the action, so the way I'd like it to go would be;
Prepare the bedroom without him knowing I.e. toys, lube, wipes, maybe something to tie him with
Dress in some nice lingerie
Walk into the room where he's sitting watching TV etc with nothing on but the lingerie
Blindfold him and lead him upstairs
Get him settled and perhaps retrained on the bed
Tease and torment him and let your imagination run riot

Have fun!

Have a chat with your oh, and ask in what way he would like you to take control, if your happy with his suggestions, then give them a try.

Is there anything you would like to try, that you havnt done before, if so maybe take control by doing that.

Whatever you do relax, and go with the flow, if things don't quite work, have a laugh about it.

I've had this same problem, the best thing for me was to blindfold him and tie him down, it really takes the pressure off and if you get stuck just stroke something down his body while you search the room for ideas

Thanks guys your advice is much lay appreciated