how to use sex toy? tips?

Hi all, me and my gf are looking to buy a sex toy this weekend, been the first we would like to go to the shop and see it in person.

**removed by moderator**  If anyone has tried it I'd love to hear what you thought of it.

This has a tip for the g spot, when youbuse a gspot vibe do you put it all the way in? Or do I only insert it part way until I hit her gspot with the tip, hers is very near the front.

How do you use the ears? And can you use the tip of the gspot vibe on her clit instead if you want, or will it just not feel right because it's designed for a gspot?

As a true, faithful Lovehoney member, I cannot condone going to a High Street sex shop to "try" the aforementioned toy... Might I say first though that Lovehoney offer a first rate no quibble return guarentee... this ensures that their customers can always be confident that the product they are buying will suit them, or else they can return it FOR FREE......... no quibbles.

You might like to try to find something suitable on this site first, as your product will still be with you by the weekend too I am sure! :)

As for reaching the g-spot, have a peruse of the g-spot style reaching vibes available here:

As for learning how to use them, have a look at these help guides, or alternatively, search some porn including these types of products:

Good luck...

I agree with WT, buy one from Lovehoney!

The reviews and videos are very helpful for deciding what to buy.

Also Lovehoney's returns policy is amazing, you can return anything within a year for any reason at all. Even if it's been used.

IMO no other shop compares :)

If you buy today, or tomorrow until 7.30pm it will arrive by Saturday!!

As others have said you're better off buying one from here, it's much easier to ask questions over live chat than with a woman in a store and you can try it out and if you don't like it return it.

but as for your other questions. To stimulate the g spot only put it in as far as the g spot, or you can insert it all the way so the ears reach the clit. Just let the ears sit against anywhere that feels good around the clit. You can use any part of the vibrator on the clit if you want to.

But anyway, for a rabbit vibe you should NOT buy any from that certain summery high street shop, seriously. Check out Mr Big on here (on sale at just £20!) Or the lovehoney g-spot rabbit. You'll get a better rabbit and infinitely better customer service.

Yeah we may buy from here, service is much better! Probably only going to the shop more for the thrill I guess :)

I was mainly wondering about my other questions.

Glad to have been of use....

As for "seeing" how they are used.... as I said, you could easily watch a porn video using a rabbit vibe on somewhere like PornHub.... that might help. :)

I guess, we do like real world advice but that is another resource haha.

Are the ears on the rabbit good? We like the rampant rabbit on here :)

Buying off here you can always return the rabbit for any reason if it's no good, i have a g-spot rabbit i find the rabbit ears are too long and get in the way you have to move the ears out of the way to reach the g-spot and to get the ears on the clit you can't reach the g-spot, the shaft you could use clitorally if you desired i do on my mini rabbit

My partner has returned items with no problems after deciding they weren't for us you won't get that on the high street.

As for a toy purely great g-spot I can reccomend afew but it depends on your budget some of the ones we have bought and used are:

There are others but as Lovehoney cycle stock it seems one of my favorites is no longer sold.

Just a note of warning, rabbits are not for everyone, as every woman is "designed" differently you are not guaranteed to hit both the gspot and have the ears positioned perfectly on the clitoris simultaneously.

I would much rather advise you to buy a g-spot toy - is an amazing buy (and on sale at just £8 right now) and a bullet to go with it - something like For just £21 you would have two toys that you can use at the same time on your partner for maximum effect (or she can use herself) rather than buying a rabbit that may not hit one, or any of the "targets".

Also you can move the g-spot toy internally for maximum effect and independently rotate the bullet around her clit to find out what pushes her buttons the most. You can then have different levels of play from warming her up to keeping her on the edge of orgasm to making her go absolutely wild. You will struggle to achieve this with a rabbit.

I have a rabbit and one with a butterfly on it instead of a rabbit.
They never really get used impulse buys from a shop not that one lol.
Contemplating sending one off to the amnesty actually

I was drastically disappointed with rabbits, i found i was too tight, as soon as i constricted on it, it stopped the motor, nowhere near powerful enough. Not only that, but even though i am so tight (still a virgin and when masturbating i am 99% ofthe time a clitoris only kind of girl) i couldn't even really feel the rabbit shaft doing that swirly thing, the beads in it i didn't feel at all either, plus i found mine had a crack in it, comprimised the weaterproofness so it broke after one use. (Lovehoney were fabulous with the return.) Plus the rabbit ears went nowhere near my clitoris, infact i found they kept jamming against my pubic bone, which was uncomfortable and no ammount of repositioning, even trying to hold them in place, did anything at all for me. I'd definitely reccomend getting an individual clitoral toy and an internal toy as an alternative.

A lot of rabbits have those swirling beads on the shaft, like VirginAngel I wreck that motor. That isn't the defining part of a rabbit though, its the ears that lend it the name. I always buy without the beads.

Different rabbits have ears in different places and of different designs, don't give up on this toy type yet!