Rabbit G-spot - any tips for a first-timer?

Got a G-spot Rabbit for my missus. Now she's a bit "funny" (her words) about using sex toys, so it'll be me in the "driving seat" with the new one. She's been very stressed recently, so I want to treat her to a long all-about-her session at the weekend: gentle massage all over, some oral (which we both like - me giving; she receiving) and then toy play once she's got her breath back.

We got variable (sometimes it worked, sometimes not) results with the old vibe, but since this is our first Rabbit, and a G-spot one to boot, I was wondering whether any of the more experienced forum members had some tips they'd like to share with a first timer?

I think the obvious ones - go slow, go gentle, and plenty of decent lube (preferably gently warmed!) are in my brain already, but I'm open to suggestions. Unfortunately the lass doesn't like a lot of talk during, so I don't think asking "how about this" etc every five minutes would be welcomed.

She handled it herself for their first meeting. We found that inserting the Jessica with nothing switched on, i.e. no vibes, no rotations, made it less threatening the first time. Manipulate it carefully until the rabbit ears reaches her clit comfortably. We then switched on the vibes and low rotations as well as the rabbit ears, and that brought an immediate "Oh...!" and a seeking movement of the lady`s hips. Only when her pussy was completely comfortable with and enjoying the Rabbit did she venture to increase the vibes, and also to introduce a gentle thrusting movement, mainly to ensure that her G-spot was well-serviced. She climaxed spectacularly and this led to one of the best rounds of sex in human memory.

The second time I did the honours. I turned on a low vibe and ran the tip between her pussy lips and also around the outside of her vagina, including that erogenous little bit between her butt and the opening to the love tunnel. I continued this until she began to chase the tip with her love hole and then inserted it with a slow thrusting movement. As soon as I found her G-spot, i turned the vibes and rotation up and she moaned and groaned until she came again with her trademark squeals of pleasure.

This is one of the best sex toys we have ever had. Enjoy.

I adore rabbits its one of my favorite toys, I have Mr Big.They usualy give me the biggest orgasm with having both the penetration and clit stimulation OMG they are an incredible invention.I could kiss the inventor.....no really I could its the best toy apart fom my wands.Mmmmwahhhh!

Let her see and hold the vibe and try the vibrations on her own first just in her hands, so she can feel they are nothing too intensive, often the noise of these can put people off, so let her see all the rotations and vibes.

You never know she may take things from there herself, i did on my first time...eeek all those years ago lol!

I agree with Buddyboy start without anything turned on, (but be aware its easy to press those buttons by accident in the heat of the moment), then turn on just the vibration on the lowest setting.This will set the bunny ears off on gentle but you can still feel the vibes down the shaft a little, then with lube gently work your way in as she is comfortable,

Once inserted try a rotation if your rabbit has one,( i cant remember if the g-spot rabbits have them), but if they do; be aware too I personally always have a direction i prefer, some girls have been known to be uncomfortable with a certain direction depending on their personal anatomy.

Especially as your rabbit is a G-spot version a rotation will be extra pointy and could be uncomfortable, just take things slowly as always.

I prefer one direction, the other doesnt do much for me thats all, so tell her when your going to do this and see how she reacts without using any thrusting movements. Then work your way up the bunny speeds.

I must admit I I dont like my rabbits being thrusted in and out that much while the head is rotating, but thats just me and I generally orgasm within minutes without any movement at all, just with everything on full speed lol!

Good luck and Im sure she will love this toy, i adore my rabbits each one is different. If youve anymore questions just ask, you will always get an answer on here.

Goodluck hun


Buddyboy/Blondii - thanks for the wise words. The "go light, go slow" I've got no problems with - although if it's as good as billing then maybe I'll have 'er wanting me to "get a move ooooonnnnn ffs!". (I'm immature enough to be turned on when she "talks dirty").

Like I said, she's been pretty stressed out recently, so if I get it right then she's going to be mellowed out.

I'm far and away the randier of the two of us, so if it helps her loosen up then so much the better - stop her thinking toys = bad. Occasionally she forgets and lets herself go, and the resulting sex leaves a smile on my face for hours... sigh!

Maybe it'd be best to start her off and then ask for her to "show me how you like it"