I didn't know spanking is so effective, do you?

Over the weekend we had our small group of 13 members gathering and sharing A couple was sharing with us how the female part loves to be spanked and in spite of the pain she orgasm. I thot that was more for excitement and punishment. Just wondering how could you orgasm while you're in pain.

Is there an absolute truth in spanking leading to orgasm? Thinking of trying it, any advice?

Research is now showing that some people have brain chemistry that links pain and pleasure. So although some might react like the female you spoke of, It will not be everyone.

It may also be true that such a reaction may be learnt, so give it a try but don't be surprised if it just hurts.

I get the pain+pleasure thing myself and have definitely experienced orgasm whilst in pain. I have found for me that it depends on the kind of pain; some pain I find very fun, other pain just hurts and doesn't get me off at all - in fact makes me less aroused.
Might be worth playing around with different kinds of pain and seeing if any of it gives you pleasure; can really intensify the experience :)

My OH enjoys being spanked, while it hasn’t acheived orgasm from the pain - pleasure element it sure does go a long way towards it being achieved. It’s definately worth trying different experiences.

Tried but didn't like it. Maybe hub did it wrongly or maybe I dislike pain... Lol. I prefer the usual tickle. It's so torturing when you're helplessly struggling in your bonds, and hitting the big O is so intense for me.

I enjoy masturbating whilst my OH sucks and bites on my nipple. The harder she bites the more turned on I get and the quicker I cum.

Hey 4Uonly,

I need to be very aroused on to enjoy pain - altho a good slap on the bum will turn me on! I quite like being bitten and having my hair pulled, too - but saying that, my nerve endings are all messed up, so I don't feel things, or rather my brain doesn't get the message that I've been hurt sometimes for several seconds or even minutes after it's happened! xx

My friend LadySpider, I have low threshold for pain. Maybe hub and I are not doing it correctly. I'll find a suitable time to try it again. Thanks.

Spanking has both a physical and emotional bond which you can really play around with, like all things sub/Dom it’s a power play tool, and I think sometimes just the pure excitement and anticipation of waiting for another hand across your backside is enough to push you over the edge. One of my old subs would absolutely lose her mind with spanking, her eyes would roll to the back of her head and she would shake just waiting for me to count down.
So with everything sexual it’s a kind of “love it or hate it” situation. I did read a load of the nerves are closely connected to the labia and surrounding areas which can cause a real pleasurable experience. Some people have been known to experience orgasm through child birth so In some Instances, pain is not something to stop you from achieving the big O

Have recently discovered the pleasure of receiving pain and found out that yes certain types of pain in certain areas are indeed very pleasurable..

Nice to see someone else into tickling... I also love the feeling of absolute helplessness it can sometimes be more powerful than any other type of play for me.

4Uonly wrote:

My friend LadySpider, I have low threshold for pain. Maybe hub and I are not doing it correctly. I'll find a suitable time to try it again. Thanks.

Hey 4Uonly, maybe spanking just isn't for you, then, my love. Mr. Spider is the same - he hates the pain of any kind and could never get into, or enjoy pain - so we just don't do anything that gives him pain. Some of us have lower pain thresholds, it's all something to do with how pain messages are carried to the brain along the nerves, traveling through the 'pleasure circuit' where dopamine is released. ( I've done so much study about the brain so I could understand my brain injury better, so excuse that waffle)

If you don't like it - don't do it, babe, really - we are all different and like different things - some of us love brussle sprouts and others hate them - if you're a hater you wouldn't try to like them just because someone told you they are lush, would you? Same with pain - just cause others like it, it doesn't mean you have to.

Maybe your body reacts better to gentle strokes and caresses, its great to experiment with sensory play, isn't it? xx have a lovely day xx

All my lovely friends xxx., we have a leather paddle, 4 inches bull whip, 2 riding crops and 2 feet flogger. Most of the time they are used for tickling and teasing. Hub used the paddle on my butt but it was a turned off for me. Hmm... I'm not going to give up yet. It's another area of big O I want to explore. Wish me luck. 😋

My wife certainly enjoys the odd slap on the buttocks during foreplay and sex. Really drives her wild.

I did invest in the under bed restraints, but they were used once and still lie there under the bed :(

Hi 4Uonly,

I totally love being spanked and it can get me more aroused than anything else, even if (or perhaps especially if) it's very painful. However, I have never orgasmed from spanking alone. I need some kind of direct genital stimulation to climax. I reckon I might be able to orgasm from 'pussy-whipping' but not from other kinds of spanking.

That said, I have had 'paingasms' where I have climaxed from activities intended to be both stimulating and painful, such as ginger figging. What I couldn't tell you is whether that is more from the physical sensation or more from the emotional / mental state of the power play situation. I find pleasing my sadistic dominant a big turn-on, so taking pain manages to be both challenging and pleasurable for me.

Good luck with exploring spanking more and seeing how it might work for you! :)

I love being spanked my fave is being put in hand cuffs behind my back laying on my wedge cushion. Slowing being slapped with hubbys hand then he normally gets a but plug out and flogger and drives me wild. Then uses his hand on my clit to bring me to orgasm and takes me in this position with my hands still in cuffs and butt plug in my bum. The feel of my bum stinging slightly is a real turn on.

We did try a cane a few times but was too painful. We both enjoy being spanked with hands, flogger and paddles but not too hard lol xx

We have a paddle which we use together or when we're swinging at home. Also have a multi-strand flogger but that's not as popular with us or others.

The favourite use is when the woman is cowgirl style, either the man underneath or another person uses the paddle on her. A hand will do too. It's not intense spanking but the odd slap to increase the excitement.

Always a noisy experience, not reccomended when camping! ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif)

I can assure you that spanking is very effective, it certainly makes my fella stiffer by a couple of notches and my wife and other friends know this. When I'm strapped down over the spanking frame in our dungeon they all have a go at my bum cheeks with floggers, canes, paddles and hands. Ouch

Worzel and Aunt H wrote:

My OH enjoys being spanked, while it hasn’t acheived orgasm from the pain - pleasure element it sure does go a long way towards it being achieved. It’s definately worth trying different experiences.

Same. I find it very arousing and it makes my clit tingle, but yet to achieve orgasm. It certainly helps to get me on the edge of orgasm.