Interested in male toys

What have you guys tried and like the best for male sex toys


That’s one of those questions that is very difficult to answer, as each person will have different experiences with a particular toy.
If I were to suggest a toy then it would have to be the Fleshlight range. There are a few topics on Male toys that are worth reading through.

Fleshlights, strokers, pumps and buttplugs all seem to be very good for male play :slightly_smiling_face:

As a tester I’ve tried a lot of vibrating, sucking and thumping male toys but the one that does it for me every time is my Fleshlight Quickshot.

Yep I guess to start with it depends where you’re wanting to play!
For the frontside as @AJSTAR says, there’s fleshlights, strokers, pumps, cock rings, sounding rods. You have diff suckers, clamps for nips if they’re your thing, then for the backside plugs, dildos, prostate massagers, all with vibe/non vibe options. Then of course also have electricity stuff too, which isn’t somewhere I’ve gone yet but never say never!
Before I came on LH thought the male toys were very restricted, when the mind opens so do the options!
But really it’s same as for the ladies, one man’s meat is another man’s gravy - comes down to tastes, what gets you going and what looking to experiment with.
If you have more of an idea of what you’re looking for, it’s easier to give recommendations I’d say.

I’ve been on a mission for the illusive prostate sensations that people talk of, but find it difficult to truly relax and let go of the frustrations around it so I’m going round in circles a little on that one and taking a break from it.

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We have a wife range of toys probably one of everything you have mentioned :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a very open person willing to try just about anything was looking for more of everyone’s else’s preferences and experiences I’m learning how this forum works I should have just said essactly that hahaha

Yes, my OH’s collection has grown (more down to me than her at times), and we have plenty of shared items such as restraints etc.,
Anything relating to my butt is solo at mo, which is never quite the same - so it is more limited when circumstances are right (OH doesn’t live with me, but 18yr old daughter does) and I can relax and get things ready, play, and put things away without worries.

One treat I like every now and then is my sounding rod. Something about it makes it feel risky, plenty of lube, nice and warm, something about watching it just slowly dropping further. I’ll occasionally use the OH’s wand with a male attachment and have that on the lowest rumbly setting, and that is pretty awesome. Again though, it’s having right circumstances to relax and enjoy - it’s my lil once in a while treat! The physical feeling is nice, but for some reason it feels really naughty, which makes it quite an experience.

If the wife has a wand, I’d say worth getting a male attachment for it if want to enjoy some vibes:

And if she doesn’t, it may be worth the investment as quite popular with the ladies:

That bad boy is 40% off at mo!

In terms of butt play I’m still very much in experimenting mode, however one thing I enjoy every now and then is wearing one of these bad boys:

Surprisingly comfy to wear, a nice size, and a great feeling when moving around. I have mobility issues, which means it jiggles more for me.

Few random ideas to think about at least, but yeah really there is so many ways can go with the fun.

I have most male sex toys including a Fleshlight which is great, but my favourite is my Wand Vibrator. If I’m wanting to have a prostate orgasm my Stainless Steel Prostate Dildo is by far my favourite

@Jimmy603 would u be able to add a link to your prostate dildo? I’m almost positive couple nights ago I expiranced a prostate orgasum using the we vibe vector but looking for somthing alot better and more fun

@Spennymack I’ve tried quite a few different prostate vibrators but none of them did very much for me at all. I thought about buying this one but it is really expensive, so before spending this much money I bought one similar on an internet auction site which only cost about £20 and trust me these are amazing.
When using one of these you know you’re having an prostate orgasm. I also find it such a turn on watching myself ejaculate without even touching myself, and I can do so while completely soft.

My hi roller prostate massager is good looking for something new to try though

I have many different male oriented toys but hands down a full sized Fleshlight is by far #1. Warm it a bit and find a way to use it hands free and it’s the closest you can get to having real sex IMO. Can be used for edging or for an immediate get off.