Is patience a virtue

Good evening,

Just got my latest LH present to myself and it got me wondering, do you like to rip off the packaging and start straight away or do you prefr the suspense of knowing its at home waiting?

Personally I try to wait but the day or so in the post is normally enough!

post arrives, into my room, lock the door, find some scissors, open the packaging...

Usually I'll wait till bedtime to try my new toys out as our post always arrives late

There and they it needs to played with

immediately !!!!! patience may well be a virture but i am NOT virtuous in the least .

Is it f**k, must remeber not to order Thursday night before a bank holiday, been itching all weekend to get my goodies, arrived today while i was at work, parents were visiting when i got home just after 5, got the folks to the station at 7 and the kids were in bed when i returned, sorted kitchen out and it was playtime, and was it ever good, reviews soon to follow!

I've got a delivery due here tomorrow, really hope it turns up on time. The Oh is working late, so I'm going to lay all our goodies out, have a good dress up, and start cooking him a steak for him getting in from work! I already can't wait!!!

I have to do it there and then. Even if I don't get to try it on or use it right then I like to open it up and check everything is there and get myself excited for the night ahead.

I'm not patient when it comes to buying this from here and I'm so excited things that were supposed to be surprises have already been mentioned haha.

Rip the packaging open and away we go. It's just so exciting to have a new toy. I have tried to wait but just not that patient .

Opened straight away but often not played with properly until later as I have children so no alone time until evening.

Patience is for people who don't have the meens to get what they want

As soon as they arrive they are opened, looked at and played around with. But the serious play is that evening!

I'm now looking out the window every minute. Can't wait to see that big red van pull up!!!

Ours are opened straight away but usually not played with till later on.

Same, I get it, got in my room open it, then use it with my partner that night :)

Same, I get it, got in my room open it, then use it with my partner that night :)

I like to use it right away if I can get away with it, but it's usually waiting for the night when people are sleeping!

if time usually allows without distraction then i'm on it right away. definately not patient

As with everyone, like a kid at christmas straight in once the box arrives, just to check the contents are as expected - honest.

Then its dress up time and have some fun with the OH and if she's out just a little practice. Items have to be tried out for fit - don't they?

That's exactly what I did this morning Ork!!

I'm the same as Ork, I love inspecting the packaging and the quality of the item, then clean it and put in a storage bag/box somewhere near my bed and then use it later when I have some free time