Is sex the answer?

I have been reading the posts and a lot of the people who have been together for a long time or seem to be happy are on LH, I have been married nearly 15 years and we both love sex and want to spend time together. I know a couple that spend a least amount of time together and don't have sex are not happy. ( she would know what a thong is.
Is sex the answer to having a good relationship, tit is also healthy to have sex.

Yes I believe so. We have only been together 4 years but have the best sex life .. ( when we can, hard with kids ) but in pervious relationships I've found sex just wasn't something I was bothered about and wasn't happy with ex partners
I guess it's maybe due to still being attractive to the person??

I completely agree. I think that it takes your relationship to another level of intimacy that can't be reached any other way. Mr. B and I have been together for 11 years. Our sex life continues to grow and we are both still very into eachother. I believe that it also helps wth communication in your relationship. When you begin experimenting, you need to learn how to communicate openly, without judgement. Those commuinication skills can be used in and out of the bedroom.

I don't think its sex so much, but intimacy, however that may be reached. The OH & I have been together nearly 10years, and hopefully that's just the start of things. We have great sex, but I think our sex is good because our relationship is good.

I agree with what's been said. There's a moment just after sex when I cuddle up close to my O.h and I feel so close to him. I love sex with my partner and it gives me a real boost of confidence seeing how he looks at me and knowing this is something just the two of us share.

My husband and I have been married for almost 25 years and sex has always been great but is fantastic now. This is probably because our 2 daughters have now left home so we can be much more open and intimate with each other 24/7 than we have been able to for the last 23 years or so - used to get the 'get a room' comments and face pulling if we started anything while they were about. We have a lovely relationship in general and I consider my husband to be my best friend as well as my lover (I still fancy the pants off him) - I still get butterflies when he just gives me even just a little kiss :)

My sister and her husband have been married a year less than us but neither of them are interested in sex and maybe only engagae in it possibly once a month at the most and even then I think it's because they think they should rather because they want too. They dont really speak much to each other in general and dont do anything as a couple.

Dont know if sex is the answer to a good relationship but for us it's an important part of it. It allows us to be intimate and open with each other and being able to give such physical pleasure to each other is a feeling second to none :)

I don't think sex is the answer, I think compatibilty is.

I think if you've found the right person sex just enhances that special connection you have.

With the wrong person all the sex in the world won't give that level of intimacy because the rest of the connections you need aren't there.

When I read all your posts I just think that you have all clearly found the person that fires you up on all levels, mostly because you've all said you enjoy spending time together/they're your best friend etc. No one has said 'my partner bores the hell out of me, but sex is awesome so our relationship is great.; If sex was the answer that kind of relationship would totally work, but in reality it probably wouldn't for most people.

I also know examples of relationships where sex is not possible, but the level of adoration and intimacy is still there in other ways, so those relationships still work.


I don't think sex is the answer I have been with my oh for 20 years we have has some spells when sex was the last thing on my mind due to having kids or being stressed but we still communicated well. To recently having a great sex life but due to pressure at work and different work hrs didn't communicate well with each other which lead to him talking to a woman online. At first I couldn't understand it but after talking it through it was because we weren't there for each other other than for sex. We are now working through things. But I believe it's all about open and honest communication, love and respect not sex.

Absolutely correct, when you find the right person the big thing you both share with each other and nobody else is the love that you have for each other and the sex that you have is a big part of it. Making someone feel incredible is a wonderful gift.

As someone else said on here recently "play together stay together".

A good relationship doesn't allways have to be about sex,But Sex can bring you even closer.

No not at all. No sex (with no other reason) is the sign of a bad relationship. But sex is certainly not the key to a good relationship or a sign of a good relationship. If you love someone and find comfort in them you want to have sex, if you don't get along in life you don't want to have sex. There are a lot of people whose sex lives seem fine but the relationship is a mess. Our friends are struggling because the husband doesn't appreciate his wife, he doesn't talk to her or show her any attention or affection. That is their problem. But he thinks the problem is that she doesn't want sex. She doesn't want sex because he isn't nice to her. See, sex isn't the problem, love is the problem.

We met 25 years ago, been married for 20. Passion was there from the absolute beginning and has never ended, maybe become even hotter. Without that passion for each other I don't think there had been any chances to grow together into one. Today we are best and closest friends, passionate lovers and undividable.

I don't think sex is the answer. My current relationship is pretty perfect in a lot of ways but we're still working out the sex since we were both virgins when we met and I'm bad at communicating about it (I am working on it, I swear :') ) But I would definitely consider us to have a good relationship, my communication problems aside

Sex is not the answer.

"Sex?" is usually the question. "Oh, hell yes!" is usually the answer!

In all seriousness, sex can't fix a bad relationship, but it can make a good one great.