Is this a weird obsession?

I’m adverage size down stairs and my missus is quite small too. I love the look of a big penis filling a woman! When I used the "2 mega extender I love the look of it filling her and the genuine deep moaning and crazy orgasms!

My go to porn seems to be BBC mainly titled “wife with BBC” and usually in missionary as you can clearly tell their not faking any of it, it genuinely giving them wild orgasms!

I just love listening to how deep they are moaning, the way they are grabbing and clawing the man and how true and deep their orgasms are.

Don’t know why, I just love it.


I think it’s pretty normal and pretty common

Hey, you like what you like… Enjoy its for your pleasure

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Normal I think, there are much more niche fetishes out there and this is just taking pleasure in seeing people enjoy themselves fully

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It sounds like you’re empathising with the intense feelings the woman is feeling. :heartpulse:

Cringe forgot I posted this…damn you alcohol lol.

But yes, I don’t think there’s any better satisfaction than seeing a woman genuinely lost in pleasure/orgasm.

Probably comes from being an “Adverage” and not able to give the same feeling as a big one (hence buying the mega 2")
We barely use it but Wow…when we did.

Anyway, Happy Friday lol

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In the exact same boat on everything, would love to use an extender but think she’d be weirded out!

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Have a chat with her about trying one.
If she is up for trying new things she may agree. I showed my partner the reviews on lovehoney website for the mega 2" too.
She agreed to try it from there.

All i can say is wow, takes sex to a whole new level, no complaints at all!

Good luck

Not used an extender but we had fun choosing a realistic BBC for the missus from LH and I absolutely love seeing her use it!