Iv'e got a Plan

Hi Guys

Were a young couple both in our 20's, we have been having sex for over 3 years now, but each time we do it my partner always finds it painful. We have had all the checks etc and were 100% clean.

So i have come up with the idea of training her pussy to stop feeling pain during. My idea is that if we buy a sex toy and use it for a while, then when her pussy is used to be penetrated we move onto me :-)

So my question is really what is the best toy for the job? ideally it shouldnt be big and not to expensive. Any advice would be help

My first comment would be to get your partner to see a gynaecologist, as this doesn't sound normal. By 'we've had all the checks and were 100% clean' I take it you mean STD checks, but there could be other reasons for her pain.

I've just posted a review on my first toy, which wasn't actually listed on the site, but will hopefully soon be, and I'd recommend it to you.

It's called the Aquatek Waterproof Multispeed. Its quite small, tapered at the end and completely smooth. It has a multispeed function, so you can turn it up or down as needed. I think its about £15.

You could try using it in the shower if she might be more relaxed, but I probably wouldn't recommend it as it would wash away any natural lubrication and might make it more difficult.

On the subject of lube, I recommend Durex Play Heat and lots of it all over you and her to make things easier.

Hi Sex Kitten

Thanks for the comments/advice. We have had all the checks both STD and Gyna. I personnally think we build it up to much and when we try she is too tense, i have been trying relaxation techniques and it seems to help, but to have a toy to give a helping hand would be great, I think Small, undaunting, i would go as far to say pretty/artistic would suit best.

LUBE LUBE LUBE!!!!! Also have you looked at finger vibes??? www.lovelocker.co.uk have a great selection and they look cute!!!

Thanks for your messages, suze69. It would be much better for the community if you had something contribute other than blatant plugs for your Web site.

If you visit the contact area, there is a feedback option for "I am a retailer and I want you to link to my site".

Perhaps you should use it?!

hiya..love honey has a guide to buying a first vibrator which has loads of hints and suggestions but i'd recommend http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=5332 it's a bargain plus you get a finger vibe free to help work her up first! just get her relaxed, maybe run her a bath or give her a massage and make sure she isn't tense..also i agree with suze, a good lube always helps! good luck, let us know x

I know this is going to sound odd on a sex toy review forum, but I actually wouldn't recommend starting with a toy. Most toys used for penetration are much harder than I think your girlfriend will find comfortable, if she is tensing up enough to make penetration uncomfortable, which is what it sounds like.

My suggestion would be to play around with some lubes, especially lubes which heat up or tingle, like http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=3576 or http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=2709 --these will further warm and relax her. From there, I would suggest using your fingers to penetrate her. Start with one finger and when that feels good, work up to two and then three. Move slowly and rhythmically just as you would if you were having sex.

Slowly build up how long you can do this (you may find she gets sore after too long--keep adding lube, and build up--it takes awhile to get used to sex) and once she is enjoying the feeling of your fingers, try intercourse again. But I would suggest you let her get on top, so she can control her speed and how deep she takes you.

Toys can be hard and unresponsive--the warms of your body and the softness of you skin can be much easier to take than any toy. I wish you the best of luck.

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