Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Vibe

As promised-

Here is the update of what happened with me giving the wife her new toy. She absolutely loved the look and feel of it and I scored big points for that for starters. She then rapidly took a shower, came to bed, told me to work the controls on the dildo which was fine by me. I like to drive. :) I licked and sucked her clit a bit to warm her up, gave her a kiss, lubed up her new toy, gently inserted it, turned it on the low setting and she began to squirm with pleasure. I then turned it up to the medium setting on the rotation and vibration and she really began to squeel with pleasure. By now I was salavating! So I decided to ramp it up to it's maximum rotating and clit vibrating settings and she threw both her legs up in the air and began rocking her hips back and forth screaming "FUCK, SHIT, SHIT, I'M CUMMING! She lasted about 3 minutes and she had a huge orgasm! It was amazing! She then told me to turn it off and climb on top and then it was my turn. RRRRRRRRRR! This is an amazing piece of equipment qnd I am happy that she is happy with my purchase. Last night after she went to sleep, I surpised her and lubed it up and gave her a little midnight delight and she was more than happy to recieve it. If there is anyone out there thinking of buying this product, for us it has been outstanding.