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Mine ends with my year of birth, but “valbowski” comes from an older WWF Wrestler named Val Venis who’s entrance music and antics were racy for the day. Look it up on YouTube… it’s corny now but was shocking back when this was live and real.
He called himself the “Big Valbowski”… I used to play professional sports and wasn’t quite as buff as him but close… I always laughed when he showed up in the ring as I wished I had that confidence! His finishing move was “The Money Shot”… always made me laugh…He was a Canadian too which made it even better…
Worth a watch - just think of me from now on when you watch it… :wink:


@Lovehoney_Brenna shortly after i first joined, it was about 8 months ago. I buy loads but i am terrible at writing review so i wont be on any tester lists. I received an email from customer services saying i can change it through the web. I only use lovehoney on the app at the moment. I did try on the app through my account but cant serm to find it. They told me they couldnt amend it on their side. I am not very tech minded.

@Happylife_46 they’re mistaken, if you send them a message again and include the following information:

Your current username:
Your preferred new username:
DOB or Postcode:

I’ll investigate and make sure everyone is aware that changing usernames is possible :slight_smile:


I originally had a Welsh flag as my picture and was going to go with WelshDragon, but that had already been used, so I thought up a female equivalent :rofl:


Hiya I copied mine from someone I seen on Genie Chat many years ago and I liked it . Everyone’s unique although my twin brother says I’m not. :joy:

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@Lovehoney_Brenna that is exactly what i did and they responded telling me they couldnt do iton their end and that i could do it through my account. Which i can’t find the option to do that when i go into my account.

I chose mine mainly because I love giving oral. It’s my biggest turn on. It also relates to my work.


You don’t have a way to update it yourself, it needs to be done from our side. When you email them again, maybe pop in a little “FAO Brenna” in the header :slight_smile:

I’ll find your original enquiry and sort it for you :slight_smile:


The mental images I have now thanks to you, thinking of other wrestlers names that could be usernames in this forum :joy:

Love it :blush:

Ah @Lovehoney_Brenna you are the best. Thank you so much :heartbeat:

Now that the name has been changed. Its pretty simple. I am just trying to live a happy uncomplicated life and 46 is my current age.