LH discovery lube

hi all recently purchased the LH discovery lube and I'm not impressed. Seems to dry up really quickly( quicker than any other lube were used before) whats everyone else's views? Tips? Now we don't actually use it for anal play more intercourse or normal play together. Its just seems to go really tacky and dry sooooo quicky. I thought this would last so much longer.

It depends what lubes you are comparing it to. Although a thicker water based lube will last longer than a thinner one, it is still water based so won’t last as well as silicone lube.

It has been very hot, are you and your partner properly hydrated? The more dehydrated you are, the faster the lube will absorb in. Dehydration can also affect the amount of natural lubricant produced so you’ll notice the lube (or lack thereof) more too.

You can reactivate water based lubes with a couple of drops of water or saliva if you don’t just want to keep reapplying

We use it as our go-to lubricant for anal and all other uses.

It does dry out (although no quicker than other water-based lubes we have tried) but you can reactivate it by wetting it again as kelly-michelle says.