Living up to expectations

This weekend coming is our weekend away. Haven't seen oh in over 3 weeks. We've kept things interesting by sending photos and video clips (poor oh was just about to see to himself when the Jehova witnesses came knocking) and we're both really looking forward to our childless weekend away.
The toys are ordered, so is some sexy lingerie and some essentials.
So my question is: how do we manage to get the reunion to meet expectations without putting to much pressure

I think one way is to keep in mind what is most important and that's time together. The other part is to enjoy that time and accept that things may not run to plan. If you can accept that and not get disappointed when things don't go right then that's a big pressure off.

Things going not quite to plan can be fun depending upon your attitude too. It is a good excuse to try again and learn from the things that went wrong. That can be a great thing to bond over.

I understand where your coming from, as your time together without children is limited and feeling pressure to make the most of it. packing toys and lingerie is a great idea but don't feel you must use them. I find it's the little things that's help you to be more relaxed like being able to hold hands and kiss when out and about. just enjoy the time together x

I think go with the flow and enjoy your time together, don't put too much pressure on it being "perfect" your quality time will be amazing no matter what you do xx

Right from the first moment you see each other! Slow everything down, dont rush it!

But enjoy your time together!

Thanks so much for your comments. I just feel there has been such an intense build up to this reunion I'm scared there will be disappointment.
So far all good. Kids and I exhausted as we had an airport overnighter. And plans for a naughty afternoon scuppered by OH work meeting *unscheduled).
So will spend this afternoon napping to try and regain some energy for tonight...will need my wits about me as apparently there's a big football match on TV.
What are my chances of success? Reckon I'll be able to tempt him away?