Lubes - Whats the difference

So whays the difference between anal lube and normal lube ? Is there a universal lube available ?

OK Cool, thanks for the info.... Any suggestions for male anal play, just ordered a prostate massager but a little over whelmed on choice of lubes

mximus is a good one ;) and cheap

Cheers Avrielle

Can I just ask, whilst we're on the subject- though this is getting a lot more specific- what is the difference between ID Sensation Lube and ID Pleasure Lube? They're both under the 'warming lube' category, and both claim to be warming, but I believe in different ways... As I'm vaguely curious about warming lubes, and the ID seemed to be a fairly good first choice, I was wondering if anyone who has tried both can explain the differences. Or anyone who has tried either, can give an explanation in relation to other warming lubes?