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Hi All,

Can anyone recommend the best wands. I’ve tried battery and mains - I think we burnt out both! So looking for new recommendations for the ultimate! Would love to get some feedback :wink:

It really depends on what you are looking for and want/need from a wand.

The Doxy wands are the most powerful (they are all equal power). The 3 and 3R are smaller so deliver their power a little differently, they are a bit less rumbly and a bit more targeted.

The We Vibe Wand and the Lelo Smart Wand are probably the more powerful rechargeable wands (other than the Doxy 3R). The We Vibe has app control which can be fun.

If you want something a bit smaller, the Mantric wand has a lot of fans on the forum. Alternatively the Rocks Off Oriel may be worth looking at. The Lovense Domi is also supposed to be good (and also has app control).

If you are on more of a budget, the Lovehoney Classic is a good wand.

Not sure if it is relevant but there is a lot of choice of attachments for the more standard sized wands (Doxy original and die cast, we vibe, Lelo, Lovehoney classic) so you can do more with them if you want to.

I bought this wand and its become my firm fave ever since. Here’s my honest review. Hope it helps you decide. helps

Hi @TickleHer!

I can recommend the Lovehoney Deluxe Extra Powerful Mains Wand. I did lots of research before getting it and this came up tops for me as a combination of what I wanted in terms of power, looks and cost. From research, the Doxys definitely seem to be the most powerful.

I went for the deluxe instead of the classic as I prefer buttons (classic has a scroll) and the material/look. So, it depends a lot on your preferences really :blush:

When you say you burnt out both, did you have them on for ages? I think that most mains wands aren’t supposed to be on and humming for more than, say, 15 minutes? I vaguely remember a knowledgeable and sadly no longer active forum member mentioning this as a general point before.
Beyond that, my doxy travel wand lives in my bedside drawer for emergency ‘nothing else is quite doing it’ orgasm emergencies.

Hi @Calie do you own all these toys? Our trusty Lovehoney Extra Powerful Multispeed Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator has started making the odd funny noise from time to time and sometimes stutters. We’d like to upgrade when replacing and would welcome your advice. Ideally the replacement would have:

  1. rumbly vibrations

  2. silicone head

  3. not uncomfortable to hold and the vibrations mainly in the head rather than the handle

  4. good range of power (not bothered about patterns really) but it needs to be able to go from a low power to high in gradual steps

  5. not overly heavy

  6. not loud

She’s not a power queen (we’ve rarely had the old one on max) but ideally the new wand should provide more power than the old one.

From the reviews I’ve read the options seem to be:

The doxy gets some great reviews but I’ve also read that it’s heavy and that the low setting can still be a bit too powerful for some.

She loves the throbby vibe of her other we-vibes and from the the MissRuby review the we-vibe ‘is basically like a smaller, lighter, waterproof, cordless, milder version of the Doxy Die Cast. Not 100% quite as strong, but rumbly and super good, and has the benefit of being cordless’ There aren’t that many LH reviews of this wand and opinion seems a bit mixed though.

In terms of the Doxy, the original now has a silicone head so feels the same as the Die Cast but isn’t as heavy. But yes, both are very strong even on lower settings. What the Doxy will fail on is point 6. All mains powered wands are loud.

The We-Vibe I have felt the vibration of but don’t own. It is definitely deep and rumbly, with plenty of power but unless she is really sensitive then it shouldn’t be too much power, particularly at the lower settings. Not sure if it will be more powerful than your current one but if you aren’t using it at the top settings anyway I don’t think the We Vibe will disappoint.

Both will mostly do what you want, but I’d probably lean towards the We Vibe as she likes her other We Vibe toys.

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