male sex toys

how come is it that no men have reviewed sex dolls ? i would LOVE to if anyone wants to send me one / some ...

They have probably not done so because there is a stigma attached to them, it is publicly regarded as 'sad' to have a doll and nearly all men are going to be too embarressed to review one and admit it even in their OA secret identity.

Personally when I worked in a sex shop the dolls were one of my fave product lines, I like to see which new ones were in and while I was in no way interested in using one myself (largely being a woman!) a lot of guys did buy them. To be honest, unless they were well over £100 they were hideous!

Some old widowed men bought them just to have a figure next to them as they slept, some guys came in drunk and randy and bought one, others said they were for stag parties and a joke - but they didn't buy the cheapest I tell you that! Others were real collectors and would ask for solid hand models and stuff - paying £300 every week or 2 for a new 'lady'

I find vacuum sucking pumps better, really intense mind blowing.

I wouldn't feel embarrased about trying one out for the sake of a new experience, but a doll is not something I'd buy unless it was super realistic and I had no female company available.

Made me feel quite sorry for the old guys you mentioned Miss Kitty! Loneliness is horrid.

For sexual relief though I'd stick with a Fleshlight - cheaper, far more satisfying, easier to clean, easier to store.

The real fun will begin in a few years time when technology brings us robots that look human. As soon as that happens the sex industry will be sure to bring out sex robots for all tastes and desires. I can't wait for the fun to begin!

Anybody seen the film Westworld lol