What can be more satisfying than a Sunday afternoon massage.

The OH has requested a massage often, but I have always selfishly shrugged it, though not today. I had recently ordered some massage oil from LH and was keen to try them out.

Had the OH strip and lay on her front on a white towel on the bed and proceded to massage her neck, shoulders and back before moving to her bum. The oils were light and non-sticky and smelt amazing leaving her skin super smooth.

I then had her turn on to her back and as much as I was tempted to oil up her boobs, spent time on her tummy and thighs, before massaging her erogenous zones.

When massaging her boobs, did not forget her nipples which by now were extremely hard, as I moved down between her legs initially massaging her thighs, I could hear small sighs and when eventually started to massage her pubic area, she was very close to orgasming.

It has left me thinking, why didn’t I do this before, it got me extremely turned on and brownie points into the bargin.

If your partner asks, just say yes.


About time @DLJL I don’t understand why anyone would say no to making their partner feel good! And now you know how good it can be for you both :wink:

Anytime my ex gave me a massage, the actual massaging lasted maybe 2 mins before he made it sexual. That was always disappointing because there are so many more areas that enjoy being touched than the obvious.


I love a good oily massage when he oils my nipples and pussy i cant help responding by archinging my back up when he teases my clit love it bringse off every time


Yes, always love giving my oh a massage especially on cold winter days by the fire


I like massage when I’ve been working out…or just working around our home and I’m tired. Most of the time, it isn’t sexual for me (unless a partner makes it that way). Even chest and inner thigh areas aren’t sexual in that context. Actually, the person who most frequently massages me is my sister, so obviously not sexual there :laughing:

I love to massage the wife.
Haven’t done it in a while, but it’s amazing. Any excuse to rub oil on her.

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God I wish OH could massage. I’ve asked for massages over the years and he takes my shoulders, gives about 2 seconds of piss poor effort and then sort slaps my shoulders to let me know his job is done :joy::sob: I on the other hand know I give some damn good massages. I wonder if there is a massage values I could send him to :face_with_monocle: would loved to be massaged to orgasm.

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Sounds like it was a very lovely Sunday!

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