Places to touch (non sexual)

Hey everybody,

Does anybody have any areas of their partner that they like to touch/stroke that isnt a typical sexual place while just laying together or hugging. I love touching my wifes belly button area (the soft skin around it) and the very top of her crack as it goes into her back.

Just wondering if other people have any strange places that feel like a comfort place to touch on the partner.

We both find it comforting and both get to sleep easier if I palm one of her breasts (in a totally non-sexual way) when I’m spooning her.


My husband does that as well - very calming

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With me, I love it when he strokes my hair when we’re having a cuddle, and I’m snuggled right into him, with my head partially on his chest, and I’ve got my hand on his heart, and I can feel it beating :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

He likes it when I run my fingers through his beard, both of us find it quite satisfying and relaxing. And his chest hair also.

When we go to bed, we get into the spooning position, and he snuggles right in my back, and he does place his hand on my boob. I find it easier to fall asleep this way, any other way I find it hard to fall asleep.

My whole body is a touch zone, and I love to be caressed and rubbed and massaged. Outside of sex, pretty much everywhere but the genital area is great for relaxation and bonding. Having my chest massaged and my nipples kneaded is great for preventing itchiness and post-exercise aches.


I love my chest being rubbed, especially in the shower.
It’s non sexual, just really soothing.

She likes her head to be rubbed.

Simply holding hands is a joy

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Agreed. Holding hands is so simple but somehow so pleasurable. But also comforting when one of us is having a tough time.

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