Masturbation Tips

I’ve been single for a looooong time and love to masturbate either with my vibrator or just on my own. I usually watch some porn on my phone but recently I’ve got a bit fed up of porn. I hate the plastic looking women and prefer a more natural realistic sex.

What does everyone do to turn themselves on when masturbating solo?

Really sorry to hear you both on your own for a while.
I spent over 25 years on my own.

I will often daydream, close my eyes and make up a sexy story, a certain person or a completely made up person or position i want to have sex in.
I will daydream it from begining to end. What i daydream can widely vary though and i think that's why i like doing it, porn can be so samey but my imagination can run wild with so many different scenarios i can imagine myself in.

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Cam to cam that way you are seeing real people

Wear sexy lingerie to make you feel good. Some homemade porn is the most realistic. Develop a fantasy and give yourself time with your favourite toys. Works for me!

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I find reading erotica really good. I can put myself in the situation and my mind just runs wild.

I like to explore sensations when going solo. I use things such as different temperatures, materials, lubes and orgasm balms - mixing it up helps to prevent masturbation from becoming too repetitive.

Coupling this with closing my eyes and losing myself in some imaginary encounter usually works wonders. I always just need to ensure there are no outside distractions to break my focus!

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I am like CA, I think about a person I would love to have sex with. Sometimes one on one, other times in a threesome. I sometimes watch soft porn, this can work as well. Don’t have a lot of time for my self, so don’t get to use my Fleshlight as much as I would like.

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Sorry you've been alone for so long hope you find someone soon. I notice that a fantasy is to watch another couple having sex. I would think of the couple you colleagues perhaps, dress in sexy lingerie, relax, take your time, close your eyes and have a full experience of single sex... not just a function ...a proper experience. ...long and slow with your fantasy couple.

Let is know if it works for you. xx

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