Masturbation - what gets you off?

Will you ever act it out?

I love watching my wife fuck men. Its such a turn on

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It will always be a fantasy for me. But when she goes out and says some bloke tried to chat me up and I told him go away, i always think wouldn’t it be fun if she had entertained him and taken him to the toilets etc

My wife is upfront now and tells me if she wants to have sex with someone. Usually she will ask me me to message the guy and arrange

What gets me off when masturbating is thinking about my wife pegging me. She is so sexy wearing her strap on and she knows just what to say and just what to do. Also masturbate thinking of cleaning her up after PIV. She gets so turned on when I clean her up and likes for me to finger her ass at the same time. Thinking about how turned on she gets usually gets my motor going.

I read short story erotica when I use my vibrator and 99% of the time, that gets me to climax.