Men, do you use toys

Years ago I felt the same, like there was some massive stigma against it. The idea of a fleshlight seemed depraved and perverted but I got myself a cheap one ‘just to try’, and absolutely loved it. The older I get the more I thought fuck it and willing to give things a try. 16 year old me would have looked at a sound or a butt plug and told you to do one!

Nowadays I have a fair sized collection, granted they don’t get used as much as I’d like with work and a nosey 5 year old running around :rofl:

Mrs W here… Mr W certainly uses (or I use on him) a variety of toys, including my strap-on, a few spanking items, c*ck rings, nipple vacuum pumps etc … he certainly would not be without these now. The strap on and spanking items are really for my benefit - he says he likes to see me enjoying myself …


Yes! I do, a lot, and i would use more if i could buy them.

I admit that i’m an odd ball, if you go to my house that is a big probability to see toys, there may be some handcuffs on the bed, dildos, plugs, masturbators, jockstraps on the drying rack… i just don’t care, and my family and friends don’t care either, they know how i am :rofl:

Let me ask you, are you embarrassed for using them alone or with someone?


Yes! Regularly! It a great way to get to know your own body and others too I suppose. They heighten the whole experience. You have to look after yourself!

More and more guys do.

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I relish the stigma and try to break it with friends - I regularly discuss my latest purchases or testers with them and encourage them to get their own. I’ve even gone so far as gifting toys to friends for christmases and birthdays.

Initially about 12 years ago I got a few very basic strokers, I since have expanded my collection and have about 4 regular favourites. Happy to discuss any as all have been purchased on this site and I feel I’ve now tried all possibilities.

yes i have had a few over the years love them, thinking of buying a new one shortly

Im the one with the toys, my wife enjoys watching me riding my very big butt plug the faces i express, we do have some toys she enjoys too

I love toys, both for me and for my OH, and for both us us! Toys add an extra dimension to carnal activities, especially when we’re alone or not in sync with each other’s needs or desires! For us pretty much anything goes, as long as it feels good, and boy do they feel good sometimes!

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Personally I have always found I end up back to my hand. I have tried several sleeve things but seem to break them within a few goes. I also like the visual experience. I even gave up on my Fleshlight as I couldn’t see myself :joy:. The cleanup puts me off too.

Lovehoney if your reading. I need an invisible self cleaning device where I can see the moment of truth happen :grinning:

It doesn’t help the self cleaning issue but Fleshlight does make a few transparent models.

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Try to put any ideas of stigma aside. I think male toys are universally accepted for everyone now.

If you still have reservations with LH discreet delivery nobody else has to know if that’s helps.

Regardless pushing past any “hangups” will, I think be incredibly rewarding. Allowing yourself to experience the thrill & pleasure!

I certainly haven’t looked back since first getting hooked on LH toys a few years ago.

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Hell yes, I just wish I’d gotten into them earlier. And if I can’t find anything that aids in floating my current boat, I have been known to improvise with items at hand (but ALWAYS with a view to personal safety).

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We receive lots of mutual pleasure whilst watching our simultaneous use of the Womanizer X Arcwave Pleasure Pair Premium Couple’s Kit.

Mrs H loves to watch me pleasure myself using the Arcwave Ion stimulator.

Yes lots of them, keep building on the collection from Love Honey

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