Mens Briefs

Hey All,

Been a dedicated wearer of boxer briefs/tight boxers for a while, but looking to change things up and try something more ahem revealing.

First off - do you like men wearing briefs? What colours? Are they comfy to wear? And any brands to check out?

Thanks x

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Men in briefs can be very sexy and usually in quite neutral colours like white or black depending on the guy, but also a pop of colour is most nice too.
There’s a few great brands I could recommend but forum rules won’t allow me to name them unfortunately.


Thanks! I’m very tempted to get some ones in black for the warmer months

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Sounds like a great idea

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Update - I’ve got some…

What kind did you get? Have been cosidering this myself for the summer

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I have never been a fan of boxers of any kind . However I think I have had every kind of bikini brief , string bikini and thong that has been made . Check out my photos , there are “several” photos of some of them . For me I love bright contrasting colors , especially when I have a good tan . The hardest part is getting ones that fit snuggly without being too tight . Another note is if you do not trim your all under hair or be totally smooth you can get hair pulled that be surprisingly painful . Enjoy and your partner hopefully will like them .

Woohoo! What sort did you got with in the end?

Just some plain black ones to start me off…

Some plain black ones

Just my opinion but i think men in briefs or lingerie looks weird and unnatural. I’ve tried myself and don’t think it’s a good look. But if it makes you happy then why not​:man_shrugging:t2:

Can’t remember when I’ve not worn G strings or thongs been most of my life, you could buy them on the high street in the 80/90’s in Topman etc

I forgot to add I tried several pair of one sided “underwear” , I liked the concept but even with my modest package it was difficult to get all of me in . Then they generally would work out of position .

Very nice :ok_hand: