Metal Butt Plug Opinions

Fairly new to anal play and my OH can't get enough. We have a few anal toys but OH keeps mentioning the metal ones. What are everyone's options on them please. Will I be happy with a purchase?

YES! Definitely. I far prefer glass and metal butt plugs compared to silicone ones. There's less drag and easier to insert. Buy one and don't look back!

Yes metal ones are better than silicone as they can hold a temperature Hot/cold and would also be easy to clean :)

I love my metal butt plug, nothing better than a chilled plug on a hot summers day. I personally recommend this one, it’s fairly small and the jewel is just so pretty:

Metal plugs are great, the smoothness of them means you can get away with a bit less lube and the weight is very stimulating. The firmness and weight does mean that you they can feel a little bigger that sorted materials so you might want to take that into account when choosing.

My favourite is this one but this one is also a very good, weighty and cheaper alternative.

Thanks for all your replies. The jewelled one is the one my OH wants so looks like he will be getting his way. Been looking at glass dildos too.

Yeah I love my steel plug. The internal bit feels fine. The weight is a massive turn on, but the external part I find uncomfortable. I have larger behind, and I find the base always digs into my cheeks espically with it being so firm there is no give.

Glass and metal are the way ahead, my OH doesn't like the silicone ones as they are harder (more drag) to insert.

I have a jewelled silicone plug and a jewelled metal one. I love both but I definitely find myself reaching for the metal one more. I find it easier to insert because it's so smooth and easy to clean. Hope you find one that you like! :)