*Missing* 1 Rabbit - Have you lost one?

Hi all, I posted my defunct thruster Rabbit back to LoveHoney to partake of the Rabbit amnesty. It never arrived.
I packaged it up in a jiffy, very securely I thought, so that you couldn't tell what was in there but it never made it. I had to send another Vibe, to get my Platinum Rabbit- it was very very worth it though, I'm certainly not complaining on that score.
It just creeps me out that some pervy postman somewhere has my old vibe and my name and address that was in the bag with it :>(
It just came to my mind that as LoveHoney have been advertising this super deal, is there a minority of weirdo posties on the look out for the Secret Phrase address and nicking the parcels on the off chance?
Has anyone else had the same thing happen?

That's a very disturbing thought...
I've not yet partaken in the Amnesty, so thankfully I've not had a similar experience.

oh god thats wierd :S very strange postie indeed!! hopefully it just got lost in the post and its stuck in a royal mail office somewhere and the postie hasnt nicked it.. :S

Perhaps yet another item that could bring a few quid on E-Bay then ?? LOL

haha yeah you should keep an eye out for it ladyv!

may be its living out its days a a rabbit waren in a feild not far from where u live :O

It also makes you think that perhaps not everyone wraps "things" as discretly as Love Honey do. Pause and think about that one......LOL !!!

Just checked, it's not on E-bay!!, If it is in a field it better not come too close to the house, cos my siamese sweetie will catch it.

ok im new on here so can someone help me out please?

i have had a few vibs now for a year or so, but well i have never even got close to having an orgasm yet so can you tell me how the hell im meant to be using them as all i feel is a buzzing and thats the best it gets!! none of this waves of pleasure stuff i heard about just a buzz almost a boring one at that.

Ok I hope I can help here.... This all depends on the vibe...I find with most vibes taht the Vibration just numbs me, I think this is because the vibration is too strong for me personally, I have started to use dildos way more than vibes, Try to use ur vibe as a dildo if pos if not just buy yourself a nice shaped dildo that looks good to YOU! some times the right look is most important sounds daft but if I dont like the look I wont use it *unless I am asked to test it* I look through pages and pages of toys untill i find one that really catchs my eye, then I buy it and make sure my mind is focused only on me and the toy (oh and my hubby if he is there )
That is KEY also, make sure your mind is clear, no thinking about shopping or doing that last load of washing!

Think of your time with your toy as a bit of a relax time just let your self go and enjoy it for what it is!

Please let us know how it goes hun I cant stand to think of a poor soul who cant get the satisfaction of a great toy!!
Oh P.S Do you have a problem reaching orgasm durin intercourse also or is it just when useing toys ??

Vibrators on their own buzzing away inside, don't do much for me either. I always have to be in the right frame of mind too, hence my large and varied collection of erotica and dirty romance books. Once your mind's feeling horny the body usually follows.
As far as the Vibe goes, don't start immediately by putting it inside you - start by caressing your breasts, tummy,inner thighs etc, build up slowly by experimenting away from the most obvious areas. Personally I find the buzzy bunny ears on my rabbit are what really gets me going and if I don't deliberately keep them away from my clit I will come in about 30 seconds flat, which is to way too fast, intense and not exactly why you buy a vibe!
Try positioning the vibe to the top left of your clit instead of directly on it - also works for me. (Sorry if this is a bit personal).
But above relax! we're not all the same and there's nothing wrong with you, if you can orgasm some other way, you'll find the right toy for you, and reading reviews on here is an excellent place to start.

ok sorry i should have made it clearer, i cant and dont have orgasms from any source, i never have done. no matter what we try ive never even got to what i could say is close.
i dont use the vib inside because simply it hurts way to much, im 43 btw and had 3 kids the youngest is 17 i dont read, so the book idea is out and watching films etc dont do anything at all, i just sit there and thats it, nothing!!

i cant understand why a dildo would be any different tho as my husbands penis dont do a thing for me period its purely for him and his pleasure.

as for ever feelinghorny i wouldnt know if or when i ever have been same with arousal even tho we have been together for 27 years

i meant to add as well i cant and dont ever touch myself on my own or during sex in any way, my hands are purely for him and his pleasure, and sure the buzzing of your clit is exactly why you buy a vib?

oh i have just comeback in and reread this , it appears that i may have posted this on the wrong part, please forgive me for that and i promise in future to look around better nextime, apologises from a newbie!!

Hi Lady velvet...seems there is another pervy postman...I sent off my much used rampant rabbit and opted for the half price platinum...and like you haven't received my new one as yet...I have sent an email to LH and awaiting a reply....luckily...hubby came home yesterday with an early Xmas pressie....a rabbit thruster....I think he was starting to feel sorry for me having to go cold turkey...(well the rabbits are rather addictive)...

Hi schnux1995 - Gross out! if there is a perv stealing vibes I hope he gets caught soon. He should be prosecuted for failing to recycle, that alone has got to be worth a life sentence.

Or at least a STIFF sentence...

ni sign of my rabbit turning up yet! i did the amnesty thing when i first joined surely it should be on its way by now? if mine has gone missing in the post what am i meant to do as i dont have another to send in?

Lovehoney delivery service cannot be faulted usually.There does however seem to be a awful lot of "used and abused" rabbits gone missing.......the mind boggles !!!

We've been inundated with returned rabbits since the launch of Rabbit Amnesty which is great (thank you), but there has been one major problem - a lot of people have returned their vibes without any note to let us know who they are from...

If you've sent you rabbit in and are still awaiting your new one, let us know on this link. Please give as many details as you can (what type of rabbit it was, where and when it was posted, anything else that will help us identify it) and we'll get your lovely new one out to you: