Moving House

What is the best way to transport toys and intimate items when moving house?

In a bag? Seriously?

Somewhere safe! Unless you want the removal men seeing your dildos!

What kind of things are you talking about?

Putting them in a box and bubblewrapping anything made of glass or breakable materials seems too simple an answer.

  • Take all (removable) batteries out,
  • Turn on travel locks on toys that have them,
  • Maybe run out the battery on those that don’t
  • Wrap any that are breakable/are materials that can’t touch/the plug on mains powered toys/anything that could damage other toys.
  • Put batteries and charging cables in small box or bag
  • Put some padding on the bottom of the box (clothing, blanket, sheet, tea towels etc) and then again on the top once you’ve put the toys in.
  • Write “bedroom” on the box - write in a different colour or all caps or underline if you need to remember which box(es) it is
  • Pack before the removers arrive
  • If you want a toy for the night before, pick one or two small toys and pop them in a wash bag and put it in a bag that goes in your car

Move them yourself in a suitable bag, thereby avoiding any awkward questions.

Just the same as anything else in your house I’d imagine. Chuck em in a box, tape it up and label it ‘bedroom’ so you know which room to put it in the other end without opening it (possibly in front of someone, forgetting what’s inside).

Depends on how many and how big they are ! Strongly recommend a box van with a tail lift that should nail it :+1:

All our toys are in a locked suitcase so i would just leave them in that to move.

Thanks for all the helpful comments guys. Was worried about removals guy picking up a box and a bunch of dildos bouncing out :joy:

I’m sorry @WillC that my post wasn’t interesting enough for you, I will make sure I improve in the future. Might I suggest that if you have nothing constructive to add to a discussion, you just don’t comment?

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turn them on, let them all run out of battery, i didnt and had a vibrating box with my mother in law giving me weird looks.

I take it you are finding a way of transporting toys without movers, friends and family finding your kinky stash?! When we moved we put toys in a box and wrapped it up then put it in a bigger box with other items labelled storage. We had a couple of other boxes that had just storage items in them. Once everyone has gone who helped us move we opened up the box, got the toys out and played in the new house.