My cats just had five kittens and i couldn't be a happier grandma!! :D I love them to pieces already ive stayed up the past 3 hours with her. If i moved from where her nest is she jumps out the box to follow me reguardless of kitten hanging from her, so ive just stuck with her :D bursting for a cup of tea! But theyre so adorable, just as i thought she'd finished at four she gave me a big mew and out popped a fifth :D

Congrats! :)

How lovely new profile pic of kitties coming up? pretty please

Congrates hun x and i too expect pictures! :P

wow i didnt think cats liked football, congrats BTW

aww, adorable. my kitten is growing up, so wish i could hav bonzied(?) it when i found it at 4 weeks. congrats and good luck with all the hard work to come

Thankyou all :D ofc pics coming up! :D
#ragdoll; bonzied? :) and im looking forward to all the hard work :D ive never had kittens from such a young age before but i cant wait to watch them grow up and have all 5 scurrying after me across the landing like the other three do :') xxx

awwww so cute, yes i cant wait to see pics as well

KITTIES! awwwh I want to see pics, congrats!

I shall put them up now :D though well have to wait till theyre approved but ill change my profile pic anywhos :D
Thankyou all xxx

oh my crap spelling ye: as in like the mini treas: keep them smsall forever :)

Love kittens. My cats are 6 and I wish they could have stayed tiny forever.

rag doll wrote:

oh my crap spelling ye: as in like the mini treas: keep them smsall forever :)

Ha cute expression, I was wondering what you meant too but "bonzai'd" makes sense now

:D i get it now! i dont know i love seeing how they will grow up i have a huge very handsome cat i just adore who is now a daddy :D which means these kittens are going to be half ragamuffins like him :D so cute! xx

Kitten picture up :D xx


Very cute!! I want a kitten :(

Theres tons of re-homing places :) you should adopt one xx

I already have a pussy cat.. She's too jealous to accept another! x

My cats always where abit odd everytime i got a new cat but after about a week theyd go from hissing at each other to sleeping together peacefully :) xx