My GF wants to try it, hoever i am on the recieving end

all right, well ok title says it all, she would not mind doing it with a strap on,(me i mean) i am all for it slightly nervous as this has never been done to me, i have always given anal sex but she says she'll be gentle haha, (yeah right) but what would you guys personally recomend for the first time strap on for both me and her.

Get some practice by yourself first to loosen up. Use a dildo on yourself, with plently of lube.

wilco,i get what you mean,

When I first touched my partner there he recoiled and said that he didn't like 'that sort of thing'. Then as I was riding him I turned to face away from him and used a very small mini double dildo to rub him

It's not the most attractive or practical thing but small enough to be a finger or 2

I felt him grow harder as I lubed the small end and eased it just inside.

Each time we had sex after that he asked me to try - each time it went a little deeper until we used the larger end. Once he was use to that we moved onto larger dildos - gradually increasing the size

We eventually bought a Tantus Feeldoe Classic Vibrating Silicone Double Dildo which we both love.

It's not a strap on - I found the strap ons too uncomfortable - the straps rub or the metal scratches and they just don't seem to sit right. But this double ended vibrating dido feels good for us both.

Give it a try.

P.S. 2 weeks ago I used my rabbit on him - I have never seen him so hard or felt him cum as much.

Well happy l am sure we all think that you should have one too- to what use- and be as runde as you like- would you put it !!!
Tallboy....reborn !!!!

just out of interest has anyone tried this

or similar items. just wondered as I like the look of them to try on my hubby, but no one has reviewed them, or am I better off with a strap on or feeldoe?

Your expertise and advice is always welcome.

My hubby doesn't know I'm on the look out for a new toy, so it will be a real treat.
Mmmmmmm... can't wait. let me know what you think.

@ sazzle

You've posted the same question twice and I answered here:

well awesome, i mean this rocks, did the deed the other night, was well happy and so was she, i think it was the whole domintion side of things too haha,cheers everyone.

i would do that all the time if i could

sorry BBG I put my message on here first and didn't get any attention so I also put my own thread.
I'm high maintenance, what can else can I say! lol ; ) x

Lol, I like your style sazzle :)

if ur not sure talk to her start off wit sumthing less fearing mayb she kod use her fingers 1st then if ur ok wit that move on to sumthing different but wot ever u do use lube and try to relax (have a drink or 2) as if ur not relaxed then u kod feel a bit of the ouch factors as u'l tence up. but at the end of it all its ur choice.


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