my laptop or LH site?? :/

so i just made an order and it remembers my card details but i have to enter my 3 digit security code. i clicked on the box to enter it and my security code popped up. is this a case of th site remembering what i entered in that box last time or my laptop remembering? either way its quite unnerving!

I think it's just your browser, it memorises what you often type in forms on the internet. So if you buy a lot of stuff online, it may have remembered the security code.

Sorry, I posted twice the same!

That will be a setting on your laptop. Unless a website has a box to tick saying whether or not you want your details remembered, which none should for your security code, it will be a setting selected in your brower which can be removed.

I don't use such function but browsers can remember things you type like for filling in forms so you don't have to labouriously fill it in every time

It's your auto fill for lovehoney as you have entered it before in the past. Mine does it too. All you have to do is go to your history on your Internet and delete your history. It will give you the option to delete autfilled emails, passwords, and stuff like your security code. I'm pretty sure lovehoney is totally safe. Its just like when youre logged into amazon and you automatically have all your details saved. It's nothing to worry about. I assure you. Unless of course someone stole your laptop. Went on to lovehoney and wanted to buy a shit load of sex toys. But by then I'm sure you or anyone would be smart enough to cancel your bank card so nothing is purchased. And get a new one. I raised that issue with a friend of mine who works in IT :)

When going to check out you should check that you are connected to a secure server - https and a locked padlock in the address bar. I personally do not like saving my payment details on a vendors website, there have been too many high profile websites being hacked eg Sony but I presume this is why the CVV is not saved. The CVV is only a three digit number and very easy to crack so if you want to be safe then do not save your payment details on the Love Honey site.

Just to make life more complicated I understand Love Honey are going to introduce 3D security (verified by VISA etc,)

I hate when this kind of stuff happens. Depending on your browser, there are settings to avoid that kind of stuff. I'm a Chrome man and you can disable Auto-Fill which is essentially what is happening to you.

As peeps above has suggested, clearing your browsers memory will avoid this. However, it is a temporary solution as your browser will restart doing that, so to speak, after some time.

Hope this help :)