My new sex toy ..... bought from Boots this morning!

Hello all you lovely kinky people.

Well, I saw a thread about electrical stimulation recently and then remembered I had an old TENS machine. Dug it out last night for a play, but sadly it had died!

So, took myself down to Boots this morning and purchased a replacement for 60 quid.

This one has umpteen pre-set programmes, including 10 massage settings.

So, today has been one long experiment of trying the pads in different places ..... all around the bottom, stomach, top of legs and genitals.

Found a few good combinations, but just love it with one pad on each butt cheek. Found that the best programme alternated between short pulses (about 30) and then a continuous wave of tingling power.


After trying on low power settings (nice and relaxing and tingly) decided to ramp power up as far as I could stand. In no time I was up to full power and was totally consumed by what this was doing to me. During the pulse mode each pulse made my bottom quiver and contract. At first I thought it was just the sensation, but when I watched in the mirror, sure enough a really violent physical convulsion was happening. Then followed a contiunous wave of power, bullding over a period of 10 seconds or so. This was so powerful that my bottom stayed contracted as the power intensified. The tingling was immense and just as it was getting painful the power released, returning me to those lovely quivering pulses.

Oh boy. That's addictive stuff. The tingling was intense, like a really good spanking.

So, if that's what electrical stimulation can do when applied externally ..... the mind boggles at what will happen if applied internally. Purchase of an Electrastim coming up!

Anyone else had fun with TEMS machine?

Well that is good news..a new toy! yay!

I used to use a tens machine but to stop pain haha not cause it. Have fun Buzzing Butt x

Last time we had any dealings with one of these machines was around the birth of our son.My wife's waters broke and she got electrocuted. I thought it was quite funny but she didn't at the time and I nearly got kicked in the groin.

mysteron wrote:

Last time we had any dealings with one of these machines was around the birth of our son.My wife's waters broke and she got electrocuted. I thought it was quite funny but she didn't at the time and I nearly got kicked in the groin.

That made me chuckle! I've actually got my labour tens in the drawer next to me Maybe I should give it a go ha

I have done a lot with a couple of TENS/EMS units (for pelvic floor strengthening) and it's quite interesting. I found that electrode area was a very significant factor. Small area electrodes gave a lot of sensation local to the electrode and for the most part not especially pleasant. However, with large area electrodes the main effect is muscle contraction with much reduced sensation from the electrodes.

I use a large metal butt plug as one electrode and a metal Thai boxing groin shield as the other electrode (I got this for about £15 from a fight store). This gives a lot of muscle activity with the butt plug being drawn in a long way when the pulses are on - a bit like an auto butt-f**k which is not entirely unpleasant.

Pulse length and pulse frequency have an interesting and not always totally obvious effect. Pulses of about 300uS duration seem to have the biggest effect with pulse rates of 10 to 20Hz. Much higher pulse rates (above 100Hz) seem to have surprisingly little effect and produce more of a tingle than any muscle contraction. I'm sure some would find this tingle quite pleasant, even erotic.

This is something that intrigues me!

I thought you were going to say you picked up a swoon vibrator, but then I'm not sure if boots are still stocking them?

Tens machines are great. WHen using internal toys, it ferels like as if my vaginal muscles have turned into a pleasureable vibrator. I'm always introducing subs to tens, particularly urethra . many are frightened at first but finds it leads to great pleasure.

Glad I'm not the only one!

Went on a Christmas shopping trip with the missus today. Slapped the electrodes on my butt cheeks and it certainly livened things up for me. Memorised the various button presses so that I could stealthily program the controller whilst in my pocket without being detected.

Kept the power settings down to 25% so it was just a pleasing tingle. Went to the lav and moved the electrodes to the inner thighs .... very sensitive. Mmmmmm

Lot of experimenting still to do. Some programs just seem to hurt, like I'm being pricked with needles. Found one that is really yummy.

Of course, when I want to be totally consumed I will blast up to full power and just lie there and take it.

Lady Ness,can you explain how you use it on subs? Also the urethra bit? Are you using metal sounds connected etc? This is something that i need more info on! Maybe a `For Beginers` explanation?

If anyone is tempted to buy a TENS/EMS I suggest you make sure it has an electrode check function (which makes sure the wiring is good and the electrodes making contact before pumping out current. One of mine does not have this and if you get a momentary loss of contact for any reason the capacitors in the unit charge up to 200volts and discharge through you when the contact is re-made. This is not fun - except for any onlooker who, of course, finds it hilarious.