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by @For_Your_Eyes_Only_x, 03/02/24
Lovehoney Satin Romance Black Open-Back Pearl Crotchless Knickers


First things first, with a size 12 booty, I found these One Sized knickers fit really well: very comfortable, no digging in, and the option to adjust with the little sliders at the back allows for a little more, or less, room.

The deep purple satin is beautiful and is perfectly complimented by the black scalloped lacing which follows the hips around and frames the bum. I love how it’s all presented so delicately.

The pearl thong is a very interesting component, and one I haven’t actually experienced before. I’m used to wearing thongs and the feeling isn’t too unfamiliar. The pearls continue to the crotch of the knickers, although aren’t noticeable from a front view. I like this though; it’s subtle but sexy. The pearls are on a piece of elasticated material and although it hasn’t happened (yet), I do have visions of it pinching… however that’s a risk I’m willing to take because I really enjoy how these knickers look and feel!

The knickers are made to a really high standard, and they certainly look it too. Aside from the central panel of satin, the rest is elasticated. Although they look dainty and delicate in places, I’m able to stretch the knickers without concern of causing damage.

I enjoy the idea of wearing them out under my normal clothes, unbeknownst to everybody else that I’m wearing something so simple yet so sexy and stimulating underneath. A matching bra, stockings and heels would also look incredible.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: colours, materials, the pearl thong, quality.

Cons: nothing!

Bottom Line: “so simple yet so sexy and stimulating!”




by @For_Your_Eyes_Only_x, 24/02/24
Lovehoney Midnight Dream Red Bustier Set


I’m not often baffled by lingerie, but upon pulling this set out of its packaging and being faced with a mass of straps, this was one of them! Luckily I had the stock photo to go off of and managed to navigate my way through a number of straps and ties and pulled the bustier into all the right places.

The bustier is One Size and this is reflected in the multiple adjustable sliders throughout the bustier and the thong, as well as all materials having an element of elasticity. At 5ft 6, size 10/36C on top and 12 bottoms, the set sits very well on me; no digging in, nothing is loose, and I adjusted the pieces to my desired snugness.

I adore the combination of the red mesh and lace split into panels, especially divided by the band across the waist that cinches the body in and adds a degree of shaping.

The bust isn’t underwired but my boobs feel secure within the cups. I haven’t had to use the central fastening but this can be undone if you want to reveal a little more. The fastening is gold and matches all the other rings and sliders which add a subtle pop amongst the cherry red.

The garters are, thankfully, detachable. This makes putting them on/taking them off a whole lot easier, albeit can be fiddly to do so. I did try and put the garters on without removing them first and all this lingerie became was a trip hazard! Oops. I carry weight in my thighs and don’t often like how they look with stockings etc, so I was glad to see the garters are adjustable. This stopped them from being too restrictive. Because they’re removable, you can alternatively swap them out for a pair of stockings. A red or nude pair match wonderfully with the set.

The thong follows suit with the rest of the set; it matches, it’s comfortable and it’s lenient in sizing. It also provides a rather lovely view of the back and bum, adorned by a number of criss-crosses and straps.

It’s just beautiful.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: colour, materials, sizing, detailing

Cons: nothing!

Bottom Line: an incredibly sexy piece of lingerie!


by @For_Your_Eyes_Only_x, 24/02/24
Lovehoney Midnight Dream Red Bra Set

A dream.

This is a bra set that has it all, from an abundance of straps to garters, to lace and mesh and the most beautiful cherry red you’ll ever wear.

The set is comprised of three pieces: the bra, the thong and the suspender/garter belt. Upon pulling them out of the packaging, it’s best to lie them down and get an idea of how they’d sit on your body otherwise you’re faced with a mass of straps and confusion. I received the One Size set, and I’m a 36C/size 10 on top and have no issues around the sizing of the bra (or the rest of the set to be honest, with a size 12 booty and carrying weight in my thighs). To put on, I undid the front fastening, put my arms through and secured again, however I’m sure you can pull this on over your head and shimmy into place. The bra isn’t underwired however the band sits snug against my body and my boobs remain secure. I love the racerback style straps that cross over at the back; they also help give a little uplift and can be adjusted if necessary.

The thong and the suspender belt follow the same theme: strappy, lacy and incredibly sexy.

I adjusted the sliders on the thong to their loosest fit to prevent the straps digging into my hips, and it looks very inviting underneath the suspender belt. The subtle gold accents of the fastenings, rings and sliders pair perfectly against the red, which in-turn compliments my pale skin tone.

I really enjoy the image of the garters and how they appear alongside the set, although I’m glad they’re detachable as this set is easily pairable with a pair of stockings; nude or a matching red are my pick. I also appreciate the garters being adjustable as I don’t like how restrictive some pieces can be on my thighs and how this presents, so to have them sat comfortably and not digging in is quite refreshing.

Overall, a really beautiful, comfortable, and detailed set!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: colour, materials, sizing, detailing

Cons: nothing!

Bottom Line: a very sexy and versatile set


by @PKH, 07 April 2024
ROMP Lipstick Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Fun Design but Lacking Power

I LOVE the design of this clitoral suction vibrator. The bright and colorful lipstick design is really fun, and the capped end makes it really easy to store away or toss in my purse to bring along! Apart from the aesthetic design, my favorite things about this toy have been that it is very ergonomic and easy to hold while in use and that the head opening is quite large, so I didn’t have to worry about the fit or seal breaking!

I already have the Womanizer Premium, so I was really excited to try this smaller version to see how it would compare in performance. The biggest pro for me has been that the ROMP takes up less space while in use, so it’s much easier to have penetrative sex while using it than with the womanizer! But unfortunately, power-wise, it did not measure up. It has 7 intensity levels, but even at the higher levels, the sensation was very faint, comparable to the lowest levels on the Womanizer. While the Womanizer always brings me to a strong climax, the ROMP alone has not been able to get me there, so I’ll be planning to use it as more of a foreplay toy to get in the mood before switching to a more powerful toy. I imagine this toy would be a better fit for someone who is more sensitive to clitoral stimulation.

A few other notes: I was surprised how quiet it is! While it is small, it does still have some weight to it, making it feel like a quality toy. It’s very easy to clean and has been holding its charge for me quite well. And it’s waterproof! I haven’t had the circumstances to use it in the tub yet but looking forward to it!

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Pros: Quiet, ergonomic design, wide head, discreet, travel friendly.

Cons: The highest intensity levels were not stimulating enough for me.

Bottom Line: Really fun design, but would only recommend for those who want really gentle clitoral stimulation.


by @RacyRosalee, 17/04/24
System JO Strawberry Kiss Flavoured Lubricant 30ml

Great Taste, Awful Bottle

I bought a couple of bottles of this lube specifically for giving my OH head, as I’m not a huge fan of the taste, and wanted flavoured lube as a means of easing myself into it, and rewiring my brain to like it.

I don’t mind the artificial strawberry flavour, it’s strong enough that I can manage the job just fine, but my issue stems from the bottle itself

There’s a huge difference between the 30ml bottles and the larger range, and that’s the hardness of the plastic.

This bottle makes it so ridiculously hard to squeeze, that getting enough lube out has the potential of me either breaking or dislocating a finger.

I feel like there was a better option, but unfortunately I’m left with 2 bottles that aren’t very accessible, which leaves me with very little desire to want to use them.

I’ve ordered the same brand, different flavour, in the 60ml, and those bottles are so much easier to squeeze (still not easy, but far easier), and it leaves me questioning why make the squeeze a requirement in the 30ml when it’s such a hard plastic to squeeze?

I’m only 25, but I’m chronically ill/disabled, especially in my hands, and as my condition has declined over the last 4 months, I’m really starting to notice how inaccessible some designs really are.

I do however, really like their label designs, just please fix the bottles!

Pros: The label and the taste

Cons: The bottle is impossibly hard to squeeze!

Bottom Line: Great taste, just super inaccessible bottle with hard plastic to squeeze, buy the 60ml lines instead

(Out of 5)
Performance   :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::white_heart:
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Overall Rating   :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::white_heart::white_heart:

by @For_Your_Eyes_Only_x , 15/04/24
Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Zip-Around Leggings


I have a pair of wet look leggings from a clothing store but they do not come close to this pair whatsoever. In fact, my LH pair now hang proudly in my wardrobe (as opposed to my lingerie drawers and rails) so they can be to hand on a day-to-day basis, I adore them that much.

I received the leggings in a Medium, although not without apprehensions about not being able to fit in them, with size 12-14 generally fitting me best. Some wet look material can be quite stiff and that’s what I imagined these would be however I was very pleasantly surprised. The material is relatively thin however is also very stretchy, super accommodating, and the waistband is thick and comfortable. Size medium actually turned out perfectly.

Although the material is thin, it can be stretched and pulled and currently shows no sign of wear despite a number of wears for prolonged periods of time.

The lining is soft against the skin, while the zip has a somewhat protective layer of material beneath it to prevent catching the skin (I don’t even want to imagine!). The zip goes literally back to front (or front to back) and is very easy to use with the ring being big enough to get a decent grip.

The wet look adds a rather complimentary and inviting shine to the booty, as well as the thighs and hips, and the zip just begs to be undone.

It was really fun to experiment with how these can be worn; I tried them on with a variety of jumpers, band tees, vest tops and bralettes for an “outerwear” look, then alternatively with next-to-nothing or a pretty bra and heels for a “bedroom” look. They work so well for both!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Pros: comfort, sizing, stretch, material, overall look

Cons: Nothing!

Bottom Line: versatile and incredibly sexy!