Need some tips...imntroducing hubby to anal toys.

As the title states really.

Hubby has agreed to allow me to perform some anal play on him with toys. What anal toy/s are best for a male anal toy virgin? Lube suggestions are welcome, as are any tips or techniques.

Anal sex is something we enjoy just now, as in me obviously being the recipient. We also don't mind rimming each other. I managed to talk myself into rimming him this afternoon - and found that it was ok. So happy to repeat again.

I really just want to expand our sexual horizons. I'm pleasantly surprised he agreed to allow me to use anal toys. However, I don't want to make a mess of his first experience and put him off. He'll be my first guy that I butt play with. None of my previous male partners would agree to it.

Thanks for any help/suggestions you give x

Sorry for the typo in the title. Damn mob phones x

Butt plugs are a good place to start as they come in small sizes. We have this and it was the first anal toy we got. I got it because i wasnt convinced that a plug alone would feel good, so with this theres the option of wearing it as a plug or having it vibrate.

i would probably recommend a wireless one though but this is a good start for a beginner.

We use the love honey anal lube and have never had any issues with it at all. We have bought the maximus anal lube next as its a bigger bottle but the lh one is lasting forever which is a good thing!

Thanks for you reply. I appreciate it very much. I'll have a wee look at your suggestions on LH.

Keep the tips/suggestions coming as you think of them.

If you do get a plug, a lot of people like myself prefer the t-bar ones. The one i linked is the only non t bar one ive found thats comfortable!

anal toys have to have a flared base to make them safe, but some of the ones with a flat base tend to fall out easily or arent comfortable to wear for long. Also one with a thin neck will feel more secure as the hole will tighten around the narrowest part. Its a bit off putting if youre moving around and a plug falls out!

Oh thanks very much for the added info - these are tips I def need. :)


A great one which I suggest to customers quite often is this one, just because of its beginners size and it has great flexibility too!

For vibations I would go for one like this, not too daunting but still holds good vibrations

Also make sure you use lube! water based or a special anal one!

Youre welcome. Its hard to recommend too much because theres so much available but if hes not entirely convinced just yet then we have to make sure we dont tempt you with anything too extreme!

I think sometimes the best thing is to help him get something small and non intimidating and then if he likes it then it will encourage him to seek other things! I think there are a lot of men who would never consider anal play to be something that appeals to them, but once they try it they like it!

Thanks very much Paige! I'll have a nosy at your links. And yes - def lube.

I get the impression if I get it right and intial pain/discomfort is minimal it will an added extra to sex. However, if I mess up, that will be that probably. So want to get it right.

That's what I'm hoping JM - that although he isn't sure...he'll love it if I manage to hit the right spot and don't cause too much discomfort.

Yeah, I think you are right, something on the smaller side and not too intimidating.

Thanks ladies! I appreciate your speedy feedback.

I would try and persuade him to gently push (as of hes on the toilet) as the toy in inserted as that makes the entry easier. If he clenches then it might be uncomfortable.

Maybe the first time just get the toy lubed and in, and let him get used to what it feels like before you have sex. The first few times its a strange sensation that makes some people feel like they are desperate for the loo! But you get used to it. If the first time he uses a toy and thinks hes going to have an accident then it might distract him from the sex and put him off.

Ahhhhh good point. I never considered that, and yet, thinking back to my first anal sex encounter - you are right. The first time does make you feel like you need the toilet. Thanks for reminding and warning me. Great advice! :)

Speaking as a guy relatively new to this, you just about sum it up there sexkitten, smaller side and not to intimidating. In addition, a vibrator pushing on skin between balls and bum hole feels great, and distracts from momentary discomfort of a butt plug. And a vibrator on the bum hole, no plug, feels awesome as well. Wife seemed to take in bum toys much more easily the I did. E.g she'll pop something in dead easy that I have no chance, and have no idea how she does it. I have realised that she is super relaxed, which means, being graphic, bum hole relaxed, and I am not/my bum hole is not. Anyway I am sure you get the idea. Good luck. Have fun.

I'd probably recommend something like this to begin with

It's great for beginners, and because of the curve, he may find it easier to get some prostate stimulation from it, which will make his first time with anal play far more enjoyable. This was the first plug my OH let near his butt!

Lube, lube, lube and go slowly. He may find it more comfortable to put it in himself the first time, maybe in the privacy of the bathroom.

I hope it goes well :-)

Thanks Hot Dog.

Great to get a relatively new guy anal perspective too. Thanks very much for the advice.

Yep that's the one I started with. Good recommendation. Still slightly uncomfortable for me putting it in, with LOTS of lube. But great feeling when it starts moving by contracting muscles when cumming.

Thanks for the suggestion Foxxy!

My hubby is still fairly inexperienced in anal play but this is one of his favourites.

It's not too big or intimidating and is lovely and supple and smooth.

Thanks Terri! I'll have a look.

As others have said, take it slowly, lots of lube and lots of talking. I personally like the Id sillicone lube for anal:

Its really slippery, and doesnt go sticky at all. main thing is just both take your time and enjoy it :)