new parcel (some wanted an update so here we go)

So as I'm sure some of you are aware I bought some new toys the other day. I have:
Love honey basics anal prober
Love honey basics suction cup dildo
Love honey silencer 2.0

Had a try with all three (as suggested by @pegguin) but the silencer was too big for my clit so I kept the probe inside me (didn't hurt much at all and felt quite nice) first had the dildo in as well and pleasured myself the usual way and won't lie it did hurt because I'm not used to something that size had an orgasm after a few minutes and swapped the dildo for the silencer... Tried all the settings and it is silent except for the final setting which was so strong I'm sure I could feel it rattling my pelvis (not a bad thing!) even about half way up it was actually touching the probe I think because it was sending vibrations into my bum which was lovely, the silencer also hurt (wasn't expecting it to be so big!) but as with the other two was very surprised at how well they slipped in. So I'm going to slowly build up to proper play with them so they're not just inside me. I'm getting used to the size then it's up a gear. It felt wonderful and overall I orgasmed four times so needless to say tad tired now.

Only complaint (which I'm sure I'll get used to) is the smell of the material used for the probe it's horrible. The dildo didn't smell too bad and the silencer didn't smell at all. Plenty of lube as advised and things went quite well.

So a must buy will write seperate reviews soon may have a go with each item individually (you know just to get a fair enough review 😉)

Sounds like you had fun! Should satiate you for a while atleast. Do you get what I mean about orgasms with something to clench against now? As far the size, it can be an issue to begin with, dont worry about using lube for vaginal toys at all if it helps, just gotta relax and enjoy.

Ohh definitely! And yeah I lubed those up too I don't think I would've progressed without it... Think I'm going to need to make another purchase soon... More lube so I don't waste all my clit stimulator stuff.

Slightly sore in places this morning (mostly my left arm after going at it that long and hard) felt even nicer when the silencer was catching on the probe making that vibrate too and wow is that silencer powerful stuff! It's amazing best deal of the day ever!

Good! I love butt vibrations too. If you liked using the prober as a plug maybe you can look towards one of those.

Yeah I think I wil do. Might need to take each object seperately and play with them see how it goes for an accurate review to be given

Sounds like you had a wonderful night Kirsty92! I'm going to agree with pegguin, a vibrating plug seems right up your alley (hm, excuse that pun lol) After all, you can always use it without the vibrations on as well, that way you can have the best of both worlds I'd say :)

Yeah will definitely look into it and well...

Just tried the silencer on its own first just on and in me whilst I pleasured myself then (after one orgasm) I started moving it in and out on about a medium speed and before I know it I've gushed no delay no squeezing my muscles to make it happen just gushing (made such a mess I've had to strip my bed and take the stuff down for a washing including what I was lying on... And a few other bits to make it look like a normal wash needing to be done) unfortunately washing machine is already in use so my stuff is all wrapped up in the dirty basket waiting for a wash whilst my parents are in the kitchen.

Woa, impressive! I'm gonna bet that the silencer will get a positive review, what a pleasant surprise that must have been. Well, except for the part where you had to put everything in the laundry maybe :)

Yeah it's got a fantastic review and haha yeah I guess it's a pain takin half your room down to be washed lol just praying no one thinks they're being helpful and shoves it in for me or they're gonna be wondering why it's so wet.

Kirsty92 wrote:

Yeah it's got a fantastic review and haha yeah I guess it's a pain takin half your room down to be washed lol just praying no one thinks they're being helpful and shoves it in for me or they're gonna be wondering why it's so wet.

Just say you've spilt a drink whilst sat on your bed, or a bottle of make up remover x 😉

I've heard stellar things of the liberator throe when it comes to even the most volumous squirters, but I dont think LH sells it.

@JessicaLeon11 haha yeah I'll have to say that

@pegguin will have to look for something can't strip the bed and take half my clothes down every time I use it people will get suspicious! Lol

Couldn't believe how quick it happened and it was brilliant I'm so used to it being delayed and having to squeeze all my muscles to get it going but I didn't need any of that. Gushers dream! Didn't even need to take in the full length

Turns out it makes my bum vibrate even with the probe.

Think I'm gonna have a probe play and a dildo play before the night is over

We had another session downstairs last night and hubby has learnt to make me squirt last week so finds it great to keep doing it. We've decided to invest in a pic bedsheets so it can just go over the top of ours when we are having a play with our toys.
Could be an idea for you, and then you can just wipe it down and put it away and your bedsheets will be nice and dry still x

Definitely think I should invest in something had another incredible play with toys early hours of the morning and my bed stuff wasn't on (I'd only JUST washed it wasn't gonna put it on knowing the odds are I'd make a mess again) so I took a towel and kinda went through that. get so messy

Ooooo I have that basics dildo! Its such a bargain, I wasnt expecting much because it was "basics" but it really hits my spot!

Glad youve been having so much fun!! :D

Yeah it's brilliant isn't it and thanks. Despite all nerves I took my silencer 2.0 in the bath with me and oh yeah it worked amazingly well even in the tub that thing works like a dream every time best deal of the day ever