New relationship- Sex


i am new here.

I was looking for some advice. I have just started seeing someone and we slept together for the first time the other night.

It didnt go well and finished within a minute. He got the hump with him self and to be honest i was a bit worried as i really enjoy sex and wondered if i did something wrong as he said this hasnt happened before.

Now he doesnt want to try again for a while and is worried it will happen again. I would rather just keep trying but i dont think he wants that.

I saw some spray on here that delays this and can make it last longer. didnt know whether or not to give it a try. Now i cant help but worry as sex is a big part of a relationship for me

I wouldn't buy any delay products yet as you've only done it once and as you've not been together long, it may offend him.
Usually, the first couple times having sex with a new partner isn't very good and it's over fast. It takes a while to get used to your partner's body and what they like/dislike.

hi, thanks for the advise :)

I'm sure he was just very nervous and that mixed with excited and prob the fact he thought you looked so good naked that he could control things. Don't mention it and don't buy the spray. Give the guy a chance to redeem himself.

I had a similar experience the first time with a guy. I even slagged him off to all my friends and swore I wouldn't waste another night with him. But we did have another go at it and he ended up being one of the best shags I've had.

So relax for now and see what happens x

My guess is that being with a new partner meant he was nervous, excited, and a whole other cocktail of emotions that meant things didn't exactly go how he'd have liked or expected - and now it sounds like he's a bit embarrased about it.

My advice would be to allow him the time to come round, make sure he knows you're still into him and that it doesn't have to be a big deal. It'll probably be totally different on round 2!

Early days to be worrying.. as above, give him time and don't worry too much. It's like most things, second time around is alot less stressful and alot more enjoyable :)

Totally normal for the first time. Great sex tends to take getting used to each other.

The first time i have sex with someone it either ends up to fast or not at all, but after you get to know each other better in the bedroom it will be fine, he and yourself have nothing to worry about. x

as everyne else on here has posted - do not worry about it - its still early days.

if he says he doesnt want to go there now for sometime - its probably because he is embarassed and feeling gutted that he has let you and himself down.

maybe warm things up a bit with a massage session or something and dont even force anything sexual at all and see how he responds.

definitely do not turn up at his place with a whole load of delay creams and cock rings and viagra etc!


thank you everyone. i just joined this site and i really appreciate your comments x

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Totally normal, just enjoy kissing and see where its lead no pressure sex together for the first time is not always amazing try try again it thats all the fun in to knowing each other