Nipple clamps

My most recent buy from LH was some nipple clamps for my lovely wife but they fall off when she gently tugs them for extra ooh la la. Can anyone suggest any better clamps? The clamps are Dominix deluxe adjustable nipple clamps with chain.

Sometimes clamps come off quite easily when the nipples have been made wet before they're put on. Could that be an issue?

We own the same clamps and have never had them slipping off. However, nipples are all shapes and sizes, I guess.

Those clamps also go pretty tight. Have you tried tightening them even more?

Hi there, I don't have the ones you have mentioned, but I do have these nipple clamps and I would highly recommend them:

It may be that you are not putting enough 'nipple' into the clamps. The more on the tip of your nipple they sit, the more chance they have of slipping off. We have found these clamps to be really good as you have a lot of control over them. You can tighten them as much or as little as you like by moving the metal ring upwards, which is great for making quick 'adjustments' :) xx

Thanks for the tips (ahem). My wife does'nt like them all the way tight, its too painful she says. I tried them and she's right. yeouch! I'll have a gander at the ones you sugest, Scorpious and show them to the Memsaab.

Use to do great butterfly clamps on lh but not stocked anymore.... get some that arent weighted to start with then weight wont pull them off... im wanting to try the magnetic ones got great reviews

We have a result! Yay. My beauty put them on and we played for a bit, then she told me to tighten them and they held. She just gets sexier. I'm a licky man.

Unfortunately, it sounds as though they need tightening which is what she does not enjoy. Hope you find the right clamps for you xx

butterfly clamps are a lot more secure, although they are tougher on the nipps ;)