Nipple Clamps

I like using clothes pegs for nipple clamp play and the pinch i am fine with. Has anybody got or used these and what is the pinch factor like compared to clothes pegs?

Hiya, sorry i don't have any experience here just didn't want your post to get lost. Im sure you'll get some super helpful replies soon๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’—xx

Depends on your pain threshold, these pack a punch!!
My favourites are the fifty shades ones

thechosenone. My wife uses the ones that you have indicated on me and many others including clothes pegs. I don't mind my nipples punished, they do give me a raging hardon. She and her lady friends love using just their fingers, pulling, twisting and stretching them as far as they will go. So it's trail and error to how much pain you can take. My pain level is very, very high but yours may not be.

My OH likes hers pinched, we've used clothes pegs and various other methods but when we tried those ones linked above it was too much for her. They're ok used on my male nipples though so definitely a "your mileage may vary" case

My question is though, do these clamps give about the same pinch pressure as clothes pegs or is the pinch even harder or not as hard as clothes pegs

Harder than clothes pegs id say

The Bondage Boutique ones are a good deal tighter than clothes pegs IMO

We have various sets of nipple clamps and they all vary. Some are like pegs and others that screw down are way tighter... Depends upon the mood I guess.

The intensity of clover clamps increases as they are pulled, or weights hung from them.

Hi there,
I have these and as they are adjustable they can feel like clothes pegs, or something less punchy. The caps can be removed from them too revealing the teeth for even more pain.

I originally didn't like them but I love them now ๐Ÿ˜Š

what a great idea to use clothes pegs as nipple clamps when i get home tonight and kids ate in bed me and wifey will.have to have a play with them and see how they work hope they are tight on my nipples cant wait to try them out

I have some miniture clothes pegs that you use to hang Crimbo cards up. Quite a pinch, can't keep em on for long lol.ย 

Might be time to invest in purpose built clamps.

Well I went for the ones I linked and very happy. At first you think wow what a pinch I can't deal with these but after 2 or 3 uses these are great and highly recommended!

I've just bought these and I'm scared of them. Haven't yet managed to put them on and let go. Seriously considering returning them but part of me wants to brave it out and keep trying. I dont want to be beaten by a bit of pain...

At first I thought the same Wight*goddess, I thought no way, but after the first initial shock and using a few more times they are really good. Just gotta take the plunge.

Thanks, I'm getting closer. A friend suggested being more turned on before trying which helped. I will not be beaten!

Review now uploaded. Thanks for all the help. A good choice and a great addition to the toy collection!

I have some clamps on a chain however they are not very secure and slip off a lot. I have some basic clamps which I use along with clothes pegs to latch onto the nipples and the area around them. For more intense feeling/pleasure move the clamp to the very end of you nipple......oh yeah!

I found any hint of moisture either on nipples or labia made them slide off all too easily.