Nipple suckers, worth a try?

Okay folks I love having my nipples sucked long and hard. Would using nipple suckers enhance any feelings or reduce feeling when being sucked by my man. What ones would you recommend?

I don’t have any yet but I really want to purchase some so I’m following for suggestions!

I have been looking at them for weeks and of course could be used on both of us as he love stimulation

I love my clamps as they make my nipples extra sensitive. We did use nipple suckers and they do give a great sensation on the nipple but id recommend some higher quality ones as the material used on a cheaper one I purchased were really rough and hard around the edges and became sore after prolonged use....xx

My nipples are sensitive but small (I'm male) so I use nipple suckers to get my nipples erect and large enough to fit nipple clamps.

I use clamps too, I also love nipple play and am also interested to find out what feelings the suckers give.

Over the years Some of my lady friends liked or loved them . As a male I have very small niplles so I had to make my own , love them . But these are very good , but take a little time to master and make my nipples sesitive and still able to be brushed against .

We have these:

They are great, very powerful suction! Will definately enhance sensations.

If you are male and have hair on your chest around your nipples you may have to epilate to remove the hair or the sucker may not seal correctly.

My OH has nipple suckers as she loves the sensitive feeling they give but loves the look more, she has quite large boobs and has always felt bigger nipples would look better, she actually found using one on her clit was a better way of using one, it engorges her clit to a huge size and makes it even more sensitive giving her really intense orgasms! She now has 2 sets so she can do all 3 at the same time!!

Like the advice and also the ideas that you guys have offered. May soon be investing in a set of suckers and I may also try them out on other parts as well x

I’ve been just bought the Dominix suction ones - haven’t used them yet, they are huge and look pretty intimidating 😂

There are painful ones and not. Which is your preference?


Ive been wondering about these. My husband would suck my nipples all night if i let him, ive been wondering if using these would help kind of prep my nipples somehow? I had read somewhere that they help to make the nipples less sensitive? That doesnt seem possible somehow.

Hi, we have similar to these: I love them, and they are amazing when combined with breast bondage. They seem to be out of stock, but the vibrating nipple ones are in stock and look great! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

I’ve tried the lovehoney purple nipple suckers if u like nipple play I can’t recommend them enough apply a little lube and squeeze wow a nice kind of pain (very little) left on for 15 mins or so nips triple the size and ultra sensitive .

will65 wrote:


1) This one gives me mild pain - Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing but Sensation Nipple Suckers 2) This one is painful - Lovehoney Perfect Pair Purple Silicone Nipple Suckers But again, we have different threshold for pain.