Nipple suckers.....

So a few weeks back we bought these Used them properly
today for the first time. Omg they have killed me. I’ve got a ring of
bruise forming, full of broken capillaries around each nipple. Almost 4
hours on still struggling to have anything touching my nipples they are
that sore 😱

Oh goodness that doesn't sound pleasant! How long did you have them on
for? I've got the same ones on my wishlist and certainly don't want the
same result.

I was looking at the same ones! How long did you use them for?

We have some the same and haven't had any problems. How long were they
on for?

I had them on for less than 10 mins in total we did a few minutes took
them off hubby had a little play and then another 5 mins or so. Because
I said to h that they were hurting. We did use lube as I’d read that
on the reviews. I’m guessing I’ve just got very sensitive nipples. It’s
bozzare actually until around 3 months ago h could of been on my nipples
all night and I wouldn’t of felt a thing. We went through a diffiult
time and were ver sparodic with our sex life from last summer until
April due to illness amongst other things. But suddenly my nips / boobs
went from no sensation to Amazing sensations

Please don’t be put off there are many people who haven’t had any issues....

We've got the BASICS peach ones and they can come right keen if you
vacuum them on too hard. I nearly ripped Mrs Chimp's nipple clean off.
🙂 They're pretty good if you get the right amount of squeeze to the
bulb though.

I’m Thinking so I think it’s hubby has put too much pressure as Ian
chimp says as I put them on H and one of them he re did as he said it
didn’t feel as secure and he has a slight bruise. Bless him he’s
devestated thst he’s hurt me. I told him it can’t be helped were new to
them and takes a bit of getting used to.

Hope you get better soon Fun&Funky, your OH will just have to kiss
them all better for inflicting painful nipples on you. Bennyboy69 xxx

Thanks all yeah giving them a bit of a rest lol. They are still a little
sore but better than they were. Quite badly bruised though lol.